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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 457

"That's not important now," Luca said, "Sam will arrive tonight. And tomorrow, she will take us out together. " Abel blacked out, and his legs felt weak. He had not eaten much for three days, and he was constantly experiencing stomach pains. Upon hearing that there was a chance of locating Emmeline, he was overcome with sudden physical weakness. Luca said, "Turn back. Let's go back to the hotel. Mr. Abel needs to take a good rest. " Abel nodded. "Then let's turn back and rest. " Back at the hotel, Abel's stomach ache was still severe. He took medicine, but it hardly affected him, and his handsome face was pale. Luca said, "Mr. Abel, why don't we go to the hospital and get an infusion? You can't be like this. " Abel held his stomach and said, "No, we'll wait for Sam and immediately set sail. I need to find my Emma as soon as possible

There was hardly any food in his stomach. Almost all of it was clear liquid. But he noticed traces of blood in the clear water he had vomited

. It was a sign of bleeding from his stomach ulcer. He was worried that he might have a perforated stomach. But at this point, he could not afford to think about it. Once admitted to the hospital, leaving within ten days or even a month was impossible. Sam arrived in the middle of the night. He still prioritized finding Emma over his health. The Adelmar family was a renowned medical family. As long as he found them, his health would not be a problem. When Luca and Janie returned, the staff pressed the doorbell of Abel's suite, but no one answered. "Let me," Luca said as he knocked on the door. "Mr. Abel, I'm back. "