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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 458

Abel flushed his vomit down the toilet and wiped his face with a cold towel before entering the room. Luca could immediately tell that something was wrong with Abel as soon as he caught sight of his deathly pale face and beads of cold sweat on his forehead. “Mr. Abel, are you alright?” Luca asked worriedly. “I’m fine,” Abel managed to muster. “Just a little tired after showering…” “Get some rest after dinner, Mr. Abel. You don’t look too good…” Luca said. “Sure,” Abel said before turning to his butler. “Please serve the food now. ” The butler and waiters quickly organized themselves, serving and presenting the dishes neatly in front of Abel before quietly leaving the room. “Guys, don’t worry about me,” Abel told Luca and Janie. “Go out to a restaurant for your dinner. ” “Ms. Eastwood and I will stay here with you, Mr. Abel,” Luca was adamant

“I’m fine standing here,” Sam said softly as she remained standing. “I have something to ask you,” Abel said flatly. “It’s better if you have a seat

. ” Having no other choice, Sam took a seat on the sofa opposite Abel. “You’re Emma’s bodyguard?” Abel asked, staring intently at Sam. “Mhm,” Sam flattened her lips and made a sound. “You must be pretty good at fighting and protecting then,” Abel continued. “Ms. Emmeline never really needed my protection services, so I’m more of a personal assistant who buys her coffee,” Sam explained. “Emma’s pretty good at fighting herself,” Abel smiled at the thought. “She’s not one to bring a bodyguard everywhere she goes. ” “But Ms. Emmeline would be fine right now if only I was with her that day…” Sam’s eyes welled up with tears as she spoke. “I should’ve been the one… I would have taken a bullet for her!”