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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 460

An hour later, the yacht ferrying Abel and his crew sailed out to sea, breezing past hundreds of islands big and small. Close to noon, Sam finally pointed toward an island in the distance. “Mr. Ryker, look! That’s where Master lives,” she informed Abel. “Wow, you were right. I’d take an entire month locating this place on my own. ” Abel said, squinting his eyes to get a better look at the faraway island, He instructed the crew to speed up, and in less than an hour, the yacht arrived on the shores of the mysterious island. From afar, the island did not look to be inhabited nor have any buildings, but now that they were up close, Abel was surprised to discover that the island was a bustling city sprawling with vehicles and modern buildings. “Master owns all of the businesses on this island and about a dozen other islands nearby too,” Sam explained. “Adelmar Island is just a collective name for all these islands, but no one from the outside world knows about it. This island itself is known to us as Dawn Island because it is the first of the islands to see the sun rise at dawn. ” Abel was momentarily silent, for he had not expected such a complicated backstory of the islands. It was no wonder information was scarce when they tried to look up the island themselves. “This is where I’ll leave you,” Sam announced as soon as the yacht docked at the pier. “You’ll find the magnificent Dawn Manor in the middle of the city center

Benjamin?” “That won’t happen. As long as we find the Adelmars, we’ll find her,” Abel sounded as though he was trying to convince himself as well. “But why did the man say there was no one named Benjamin York?” Luca wondered out loud

. “Call Sam and ask her,” Abel instructed. Luca immediately called Sam on his cellphone, but the call could not go through even after a few tries. There was probably no phone signal on the yacht. “Let’s find a nearby hotel first. We’ll think of a plan later,” Abel said, finally resigned to his unlucky fate. “That works. I saw plenty of posh hotels on the way here. It feels like a tourist town around here!” Luca said. “Yes, the way this place reeks of wealth and opulence… It feels almost like Dubai!” Janie added on. “Looks like my father wasn’t wrong when he said the Adelmars could probably rule a nation with their wealth…” Abel concurred. “So the Adelmar Group back in Struyria is probably one of their many businesses…” Janie remarked