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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 461

Abel let out a light chuckle. “I completely underestimated Emma. I thought she was just the owner of a small coffee shop who moonlighted as a stunt artist…” “Emma used to say that she only became a stunt performer because she was bored,” Janie said. “I always thought she was saying that just to irk me, but I guess it’s real, huh…” “When I offered her my credit card, she told me she had money. I even laughed at her and said her money wasn’t enough…” Abel smiled at the memory. “Who would’ve guessed that she was actually loaded!” “Mr. Ryker, you’re not upset that Emma kept it a secret from you, are you?” there was a hint of worry in Janie’s voice. “Of course not,” Abel said. “I would’ve been upset if Emma had to continue making ends meet by herself for the children’s sake after being chased out by the Louises five years ago. I couldn’t be more thankful that the Adelmars were there for her! How could I be upset with her?” The group found a nearby hotel to stay for the night. As soon as they settled down, Luca made a call to Sam once more. This time, she finally picked up. “Oh no,” Sam said as soon as she realized her blunder. “I got too used to calling him Benjamin that I forgot his real name. He’s known as Benedict Adelmar to people on the island

Please leave the premises,” he repeated his words from this afternoon. Luca turned to look at Abel helplessly. “Mr

. Abel, what do we do?” he asked. Abel was not able to answer Luca as he felt a burning sensation in his stomach. The next moment, he projectile vomited all over the gleaming marble tiles of the front porch, staining the floor red. “Mr. Abel!” Luca exclaimed as he leaped forward to hold Abel up. “Mr. Ryker just vomited blood!” Janie blurted out in horror. “Oh no… We should get him to a hospital immediately!” Suddenly, the sound of tires screeching filled the air as a limited-edition Rolls Royce pulled up into the driveway. The shiny black body of the car reflected the light from the surrounding lamps, temporarily blinding the group. The car door opened, and a slender man dressed in dark clothes exited the car first before ushering another man out of the car