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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 464

“Get out of my way,” it was Waylon Adelmar’s cold, calm voice that addressed the bodyguards surrounding Abel. The bodyguards, including Janie, were stunned by the authority in the man’s voice and immediately moved to the side. Waylon immediately grabbed Abel by the arm and pierced his chest with a tiny, almost invisible silver needle. “What are you doing?!” Luca yelled. “Take him inside,” Waylon ordered. “He’ll need surgery if we wait any longer. ” He instructed the guard to open the front doors. “Mr. Waylon, Master Adelmar said they’re not welcomed here,” the guard informed him. “This man’s stomach is bleeding out. Do you really want him to die in front of our gates?” Waylon challenged, leaving the poor guard caught between a rock and a hard place. “How do I address you?” Abel asked weakly as he looked at the man who had just stuffed needles inside him. He was a tall man with handsome features, no younger than thirty-five or six. “I’m Waylon Adelmar,” the man said. “And you must be Abel Ryker, I presume?” “That’s right,” Abel managed. “The three kids look very much like you,” Waylon added. “I see where they get their good genes from. ” “There’s four of them actually,” Abel corrected. “Emma’s first child is still with me. ” “So I’ve heard from my father… Please go inside first, Mr. Ryker. Your condition needs to be treated immediately,” Waylon advised. “Thank you, Mr. Adelmar,” Abel nodded gratefully. “You don’t have to thank me,” Waylon said. “I’m your brother after all. It’s my father who has a bone to pick with you. ” “Get out of my wey,” it wes Weylon Adelmer’s cold, celm voice thet eddressed the bodyguerds surrounding Abel. The bodyguerds, including Jenie, were stunned by the euthority in the men’s voice end immedietely moved to the side. Weylon immedietely grebbed Abel by the erm end pierced his chest with e tiny, elmost invisible silver needle. “Whet ere you doing?!” Luce yelled

“Bring him to my car,” Waylon told Luca. “We’re still a distance away from the main building. ” “Yes, Mr

. Adelmar,” Luca and Janie immediately carried Abel onto Waylon’s Rolls Royce, while the other four bodyguards tagged along behind closely. The cars travelled down a windy path shaded by tall trees and passed by several ornamental pavilions before arriving at a castle-like grand building two minutes later. Waylon got off the car and hollered for Luca and Janie to carry an unconscious Abel. A woman dressed in a maid’s uniform came rushing from the building to greet Waylon. She spoke in a language that neither Luca nor Janie understood. “My father spotted your entourage from inside the building,” Waylon translated the maid’s message. “Why don’t you bring Mr. Abel to the lounge first? I’ll be with you in a moment. ” “Sure, and thank you for your help,” Luca replied politely. The maid ushered Luca and Janie together with Abel into a small private lounge in the building. As Abel slowly regained his consciousness, he found himself lying on a plush daybed in a glitzy, gilded room of marble and stone, with a foreign looking woman dressed in a maid’s uniform standing next to him. With all his might, Abel pushed himself up to get into a sitting position. “Mr. Abel!” Luca immediately rushed over to Abel’s side upon noticing that he had stirred. “Master Adelmar knows we’re here. We’re waiting in the lounge for now. ” “What did he say? How’s Emma?” Abel asked, still slightly dazed. “How dare you ask that question?” a voice bellowed from the doorway as a severe looking old man appeared. Abel immediately recognized him as the old man who was at the emergency room that night. “You’re Master Adelmar?!” Abel was incredulous, jumping to his feet immediately. “Where’s Emma?” “You’ve got some nerve coming here demanding for things!” Robert Adelmar boomed. “I treated and loved her like a daughter. How dare you come looking for her after what you’ve done to her?!” “Master Adelmar…” Abel began. “I know I don’t deserve to ask for anything, but… I just want to know where she is, and how is she doing…” “Didn’t my son tell you?” Robert’s thick, white eyebrows furrowed. “It’s all up to fate now. Which part of that don’t you get?”