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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 465

“It’s all… up to fate…?” Abel’s face paled as he stammered. “Has she…” Robert could not bring himself to answer Abel either, but his eyes began to well up with tears. Emmeline’s injuries were so severe that only a higher power could save her now. “Ughhh…” Abel clutched his abdomen and writhed in pain all of a sudden before throwing up all over the sofa. Robert stalked over and clapped him on the back twice with some force. To Abel’s surprise, the pain in his abdomen reduced drastically. “Your stomach ulcers are extremely severe. Your stomach is bleeding out. You’ll die soon without treatment,” Robert said as a matter-of-factly. “I’m not in any position to care for myself now,” Abel argued. “I have to see Emma. ” “Take this medicine first,” Robert insisted as he fished out a small plastic film with some brown powder inside. “Get someone to mix this into a drink for you!” “Thank you, Master Adelmar!” Luca exclaimed as he reached his hand out to receive the medicine, but his hand was swatted away by Abel instead. Abel grabbed the medicine bag himself, opened it and poured the contents on the floor. “What are you doing?” Robert raised an eyebrow in challenge. “Mr. Abel…” Luca and Janie were equally dumbfounded. “Master Adelmar…” Abel began. “I’m very grateful for your help, but until I see Emma with my own eyes, I will not be receiving any treatment. Please…. Please let me see Emma. ” “It’s ell… up to fete…?” Abel’s fece peled es he stemmered. “Hes she…” Robert could not bring himself to enswer Abel either, but his eyes begen to well up with teers. Emmeline’s injuries were so severe thet only e higher power could seve her now. “Ughhh…” Abel clutched his ebdomen end writhed in pein ell of e sudden before throwing up ell over the sofe. Robert stelked over end clepped him on the beck twice with some force

Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be standing in front of me right now. ” “Wh… what do you mean?” Abel did not fully understand the old man’s words. “You should ask your grandfather

. I can’t be bothered to explain it all to you…” Robert mused. “Abel was silent for a moment before speaking. “If you won’t allow me to see Emma, can I at least see Benjamin York?” “Benjamin?” Robert’s tone held a sharp edge. “Why would you want to meet a dead man walking?” “Dead man walking?!” Janie gasped. “What did you do to Benjamin?” “Hmph!” Robert cut Janie a sharp glance. “Who are you, and how dare you speak to me like that?” “I…” Janie’s face was flush with embarrassment. “I’m… Ben’s woman. I have the right to ask about him!” “Benedict’s life belongs to the Adelmars!” Robert boomed. “He doesn’t report to anyone else besides me!” “We just want to see him. What’s the big deal?” Abell retorted. “No means no!” Robert yelled before pointing an accusatory finger at Janie. “Did that punk forget to protect Emma because he was too caught up in love?” Ben in love with her? Janie chuckled bitterly. She wished that were true, but Ben never thought of them that way. He was completely devoted to Emmeline Louise. “You misunderstood me, Master Adelmar,” Janie explained herself. “Ben was completed devoted to Emmeline. He would never neglect his duties toward her. ” “Then why did he allow my Emma to end up like that?” the agony was clear in Robert’s voice. “He’d better be drowning in regret right now. ” “Then you should punish me too!” a tear fell down Abel’s cheek as he spoke. “I failed to protect Emma. If you want to blame someone, I’m willing to accept any punishment you dole out!” “Hmph! You’re about to die anyway if you don’t receive treatment soon. I don’t need to punish you,” Robert said