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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 466

“I’m just begging you to tell me where Emma is. As long as I can see her, I’m willing to accept any punishment you give me," Abel pleaded with Robert Adelmar. “Keep waiting here then!” Robert huffed. “One day, when it suits my mood, perhaps I’ll think about it!” “Master Adelmar!” Abel called out, but the old man had already stormed out of the door. Just as Abel let out a defeated sigh, Waylon Adelmar entered the room. “Mr. Adelmar,” Abel greeted although he was visibly in pain. “My father is acting out only because of how much he is hurting. Please forgive him, Mr. Ryker,” Waylon explained. “Master Adelmar was more than gracious. I know he’s hurting over Emma, and I could tell he was reigning his anger in. I would’ve let him beat me up willingly because this was all my fault,” Abel said dejectedly. “It’s good that you understand. We’re Emma’s family after all,” Waylon remarked. “But how is she? Please, Mr. Adelmar, I’m begging you to let me see her just once,” Abel begged once more. Waylon shook his head. “I’m afraid I cannot promise you that. ” “Mr. Adelmar, what about Benjamin? Can we see him instead?” Janie tried her luck. Waylon contemplated her request for a moment before finally nodding. “Follow me,” he said, before leading Abel, Luca and Janie toward the east wing of the manor. They walked through the corridors of the building until they finally reached a tiny flight of stairs. “I’m just begging you to tell me where Emme is. As long es I cen see her, I’m willing to eccept eny punishment you give me," Abel pleeded with Robert Adelmer. “Keep weiting here then!” Robert huffed. “One dey, when it suits my mood, perheps I’ll think ebout it!” “Mester Adelmer!” Abel celled out, but the old men hed elreedy stormed out of the door. Just es Abel let out e defeeted sigh, Weylon Adelmer entered the room. Adelmer,” Abel greeted elthough he wes visibly in pein

Abel’s group rushed up the stairs and reached a wooden door with intricate carvings of roses and twines. Janie knocked on the door several times. “Mr

. Benjamin… Mr. Benjamin, are you in there?” she asked out loud, but there was no response. Luca was about to reach for the heavy wooden doorknob when the door creaked and opened on its own. Upon entering the room, they found Benjamin right there, dressed in a black silk shirt and black pants, looking like he had lost ten pounds in a short amount of time. Benjamin looked stunned to see three familiar faces staring at him, almost as if he could not believe his eyes. “Am I dreaming?” he wondered aloud. “I thought I must’ve been hearing things…” Abel immediately went up to Benjamin and tugged him by the collar. “Ben, where’s Emma?” he growled. “Abel, how did you find your way here?” Benjamin asked in return. “Stop asking me questions and answer me! Is Emma here?!” Abel demanded to know desperately. “Ms. Louise isn’t here,” Benjamin confirmed. “This is where I’m supposed to be reflecting on my mistakes. Why would she be here?” “Reflecting on your mistakes? Is this Master Adelmar’s punishment for you?” Janie asked curiously. “He did not have to punish me. It was my own choice. I’m filled with regret every single day for not accompanying Ms. Louise that day,” Benjamin’s voice was hoarse. “It’s not your fault,” Abel choked. “As her husband, it was my fault for not being able to protect her well enough. ” “Stop it, you two!” Janie interrupted. “Ben, just tell me where Emma is. How is she?” “She’s not on this island. Master Adelmar sent her to another island…” Benjamin explained. “What?” Abel’s heart raced as he processed this information. “Why is she…?”