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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 467

“Emma never regained consciousness,” Benjamin teared up as he spoke. “She was still fighting for her life, so Master Adelmar made a gamble…” “Emma…” Abel stumbled forward on shaky legs. Luca immediately stepped forward to support him. “Calm down, Mr. Abel…” “Abel, you don’t look too good. Are you unwell?” Benjamin asked out of concern. “My gastroenteritis has worsened,” Abel’s face scrunched up in pain. “But I won’t die so easily. At least, not yet…” “What do you mean?” Benjamin frowned. “You’re Mr. Abel Ryker, the devil from hell himself! How can you be so weak and pathetic?!” “I’ll be fine as long as Emma is fine,” Abel chuckled bitterly. “If anything happens to her, I…” Benjamin interrupted Abel before he could finish his sentence. “Don’t forget your four children! Love isn’t everything, Abel!” Benjamin snapped at him. “What about you then, huh?” Abel challenged. “Benjamin… No, Benedict, what would you do if anything happens to Emma?” “I…” Benjamin looked down at his feet, unable to answer Abel. “Didn’t you just say love isn’t everything? Don’t be a hypocrite, Benjamin! Can you really let Emma go?” Abel chided. Fat tears streamed down Benjamin’s face as he choked out, “I can’t!” Janie felt her heart sink as Benjamin confirmed her worst fear. His heart only had space for Emmeline despite having slept with her. He was only trying to do the responsible thing as a man, but he was unable to give her what she wanted – true feelings. Still, Janie refused to give up. She rushed over to Benjamin and embraced him. “Emme never regeined consciousness,” Benjemin teered up es he spoke. “She wes still fighting for her life, so Mester Adelmer mede e gemble…” “Emme…” Abel stumbled forwerd on sheky legs. Luce immedietely stepped forwerd to support him. “Celm down, Mr. Abel…” “Abel, you don’t look too good. Are you unwell?” Benjemin esked out of concern. “My gestroenteritis hes worsened,” Abel’s fece scrunched up in pein. “But I won’t die so eesily

” “Benjamin, which island is Emma on? Can you take me there?” Abel asked. Benjamin considered Abel’s request for a moment before nodding softly. “Return to your guest rooms for now and come back here at nine

. I’ll bring you to Emma. ” “That’s great!” Abel exclaimed, slightly choked with emotion. “We’ll come back at nine. ” They returned to the lounge only to find several maids waiting to bring them to their guest rooms. Together with the four bodyguards they brought along, Abel’s entourage took up five rooms in the Adelmar manor. Not long after settling down in their rooms, one of the maids invited Abel and his group for dinner with Waylon Adelmar. “Mr. Abel, the boys and I won’t be joining for dinner. Why don’t you and Janie go ahead?” Luca suggested. “Mr. Waylon has already made dining arrangements for everyone. He would insist for everyone to join,” the maid explained. Luca and the bodyguards had no choice but to join in for dinner as well. The group made their way to the lavish dining hall, where dinner was already served neatly on the table. Waylon Adelmar sat at the head of the table waiting for his guests. His eyes lit up when he spotted Abel. “Mr. Ryker! Please have a seat,” Waylon greeted politely. “Just call me Abel,” Abel insisted. “As you said, we’re not exactly strangers. ” “Mhmm,” Waylon nodded. “Emma is my father’s only disciple and my only sister, so you’re rightfully my brother-in-law. ” “Sounds about right, bro,” Abel jested. Waylon nodded and chuckled lightly, enjoying the camaraderie