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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 468

The cook brought out dish after tantalizing dish, setting them on the table for Waylon and his guests to enjoy. Out of courtesy, Waylon took the liberty of serving Janie and Luca some salad. However, Abel stopped Waylon just as he was about to serve him. “It’s alright, none for me. It will likely aggravate my condition,” Abel explained himself. “You just need to take some of that medicine my father offered,” Waylon said. “It helps to reduce the ulcer inflammation. ” Abel just smiled without saying a word. “You don’t trust my father?” Waylon raised an eyebrow. “Of course not! On the contrary, I’m very impressed with his medical knowledge,” Abel clarified. “Then what are you smiling about?” Waylon wondered. “I just don’t see the point of getting treated if I don’t even know how Emma is doing,” Abel looked visibly saddened. “If she died, would you lose the will to live as well?” Waylon frowned. Abel did not answer Waylon immediately. The thought did cross his mind before, but he could not just leave the four beautiful children Emma had given him, so he would continue to live even if Emma was no longer around. However, he was not sure if he could live a good, happy life without Emma around. It was his cross to bear because no one else would understand the pain of losing the woman he loved. It was as if Waylon silently understood what Abel was thinking just from Abel’s expression, so he merely sighed and did not press any further. After dinner, Abel and his entourage returned to their respective guest rooms as everybody patiently waited for nightfall. At 9pm sharp, Abel, Luca and Janie made their way to the little room in the east wing, where Benjamin sentenced himself to isolation to make up for his mistakes. The cook brought out dish efter tentelizing dish, setting them on the teble for Weylon end his guests to enjoy. Out of courtesy, Weylon took the liberty of serving Jenie end Luce some seled. However, Abel stopped Weylon just es he wes ebout to serve him. “It’s elright, none for me. It will likely eggrevete my condition,” Abel expleined himself. “You just need to teke some of thet medicine my fether offered,” Weylon seid

Half an hour later, the group arrived in front of a large, imposing hospital. “Is Emma is this hospital?” Abel asked. Abel nodded slowly

. “The hospitals on Dawn Island are older and less well equipped. This hospital has world-class facilities to ensure the best care for Emma. ” “Mm,” Abel made a sound. Ryker Hospital should consider implementing these facilities as well, he thought to himself. Perhaps the Ryker family could work with the Adelmars one day… The vehicle ferrying the group entered the hospital compound but did not stop at the main building. Instead, they were driven to a standalone block that looked more like a hotel resort. Abel knew that Emma was likely inside that building. He felt his blood rush at the thought of being able to be close to Emma once again. A few ladies in the same maid’s uniform as those at the Adelmar manor greeted Waylon and his contingent as the car parked in front of the building. Once again, they whispered something to Waylon in a language that Abel did not understand. “They’re surprised that I’m here at this time,” Waylon explained. “I was just here this morning. ” “Where’s Emma?” Abel asked directly. He could not wait any longer. “Follow me,” Waylon said as he led the group into the building. Abel felt his heart racing like a horse. He was about to find out what exactly happened to Emma. My dear Emma… I’m almost there… Wait for me… The ground floor of the building was a beautifully decorated lounge, but Waylon brought them up a flight of stairs to the second floor. A few doctors and nurses walked past them, and Waylon always made it a point to acknowledge them politely. Finally, Waylon stopped in his tracks as they arrived in front of a European-style door painted in cream. Emma… Abel’s heart called out for his wife