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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 470

A doctor approached Waylon hastily and spoke to him in their native Osean language that neither Janie nor Luca understood. Benjamin, on the other hand, turned pale as he heard what the doctor had said and rushed out of the ward. Waylon quickly followed in his stride as well. Luca and Janie exchanged confused glances with each other. “Did something happen to Emma?!” Janie suddenly realized. Luca looked at Abel worriedly. Thankfully, Abel was fully unconscious right now, or he would have gone mad if he heard the news about Emma. On the other hand, Luca wondered how Ms. Emma was doing. He crouched down into a kneeling position and said a silent prayer to protect the couple from any further suffering. … Waylon and Benjamin rushed into Emma’s room and found her surrounded by several doctors with solemn expressions on their faces. Waylon immediately grabbed Emma’s wrist, but he could not feel any pulse. Did this mean… Was Emma…? He dared not finish his thoughts. “Has Master Adelmar been notified?” he asked the doctors. “Yes, he has,” one of the doctors responded. “Is there… any hope left?” Waylon could not answer the doctor. His eyes fogged up with tears. Was there any hope left? He wondered the same too. He could only hope that his father could give Emma a chance. He took out a few silver needles and tried a last-ditch attempt at reviving Emma. Janie began to sob out loud, crying into Benjamin’s chest. “Ben, Emma… She…” Benjamin held onto Janie, but he was in shock himself. “Emma, don’t… don’t leave us…” he chanted those words like a prayer over and over again

“Luca, what did you say? What happened to her?!” “Not… Nothing, Mr. Abel…” Abel wanted to slap himself for almost spilling the beans. “But I heard you mention her name! What happened to her, Luc?” Abel pressed

. “Ms. Emma… is still unconscious. That’s all I was trying to say,” Luca said unconvincingly. “Mr. Abel, you shouldn’t go over. You need to be on bed rest right now. ” “No, I need to be with Emma. She must be lonely on her own. Emma… Emma, wait for me…” he said out loud as he tried to get down from the bed, just as the door to the ward opened and Waylon strode in. “Mr. Waylon, please talk to Mr. Abel. I can’t stop him!” Luca looked at Waylon like he was his savior. “Abel,” Waylon said a little tiredly, but pleasantly, nonetheless. “Just lie down and let the IV drip do its job. It’ll help your condition. ” “I don’t need help. I just need to be with Emma…” Abel insisted and tried to fight his way out of the ward before Waylon flicked his nose with his palm. Abel smelled a familiar scent from that night in the emergency room with Emma, right before he passed out…