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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 471

Luca quickly hoisted Abel back onto the bed and covered him with some blankets. “Mr. Waylon, how is Ms. Emma?” Luca asked. Waylon’s expression was glum. “What would Abel do if he knew Emma could not be saved?” he asked. Luca immediately dropped to his knees. “No, that won’t do, Mr. Waylon! Mr. Abel definitely won’t survive if Ms. Emma dies! He’s already on the brink of death… I might as well die here and be buried with them on Osea too!” he cried out loud. “Please save them, Mr. Waylon. If there’s anyone who can save them, it’s you!” “I can save Abel, but Emma… She…” Waylon choked. Luca’s eyes widened. Did that mean that Ms. Emma had…? “What about Mr. Abel? We can’t let him die…” “I won’t let him die,” Waylon said with determination. “He’s still the father of Emma’s four children. ” “But if Ms. Emma is dead, Mr. Abel would not want to live anymore. He wouldn’t have the willpower to go through surgery and treatment…” Luca worried. “Don’t worry, I have my ways,” Waylon said as he produced a packet of powdered medicine from his pocket. “Mix this with some water and feed it to him first

Benjamin came over to check on Abel and was surprised to find him in such a calm state. Even when the nurses came in to give him another dose of drugs, he accepted it without putting up any resistance. “Abel, are you feeling better?” Benjamin asked

. “Mm,” Abel nodded softly. “I was just telling Luca I was thinking of returning to Struyria soon. There’s still a lot of things for us to do back home. ” Benjamin’s eyes widened in shock as he stared wordlessly at Abel. “Benjamin, what’s wrong?” Abel looked confused. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Instead of answering Abel, Benjamin immediately stood up. “Mr. York,” Luca tugged on Benjamin’s sleeve lightly. “Come outside with me. ” “Uhh…” Benjamin turned to Abel and gave him a fake smile. “Luca and I are going out to have a smoke…” “Sure,” Abel nodded Luca immediately pulled Benjamin out of the ward. “Mr. York, you saw him yourself too,” Luca said anxiously. “Do you think Mr. Abel has gone crazy? Not only did he not bring up Ms. Emma, he even mentioned returning to Struyria!” Benjamin’s frown deepened but he remained silent. “Mr. York, say something!” Luca urged. “Abel hasn’t gone crazy, he’s just…” Benjamin was searching for the right word. “Just… what…?” Luca did not understand. If he was not mad, would he forget about Ms. Emma? Why did he travel halfway across the world for then?