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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 473

"Mr. Abel," Lucas couldn't help it, "Ms. Loise. " "Ms. Loise? You mean Emmeline?" Abel frowned lightly, a little impatiently, "We're not married yet, don't call her that. " "Thump…" Lucas sat on the ground. Oh no, it's over, it's over! Did their grandfather change his mind? He suddenly lost his feelings for Emmeline, who was addicted to love. It was calm, without a trace of attachment. what happened? Lucas felt like he was dreaming. But it was a good thing for their father at the moment. At least he can cooperate with the treatment and recuperate with peace of mind, otherwise, he might be torturing himself to death. But where did his feelings for Emmeline go? Why did it disappear? Lucas was very smart. Rubbing his head, he thought about the packet of medicine that Benjamin asked him to feed to Abel. Benjamin said negatively, saving lives was the most important thing. Was it the medicine that made their father cheerful, relieved from depression, and no longer have obsessions? However, it was too scary. Benjamin and Janie came in. Abel's complexion improved a lot. His handsome face was pale, and it became more and more charming and enchanting. Seeing the two coming in, Lucas grabbed Benjamin. "Mr

This was just a course of treatment, and his stomach disease would be completely cured. It had been a week since he came to Osea. From time to time, he received calls from Struyria

. Abel decided to set off and return to the Struyria. Lucas began to feel uneasy again. Did Abel still want to see Emmeline? Or did he not want to see her? Lucas was afraid of the outcome. If he did not look at it, Lucas felt scared. However, if he looked at it, it would lose its effect. But Abel did not mention it until he set off. Lucas felt cold. However, he could not blame their father for being ruthless. Being ruthless was medicine. The medicine was also life-saving. Initially, Janie did not want to leave. She wanted to stay with Benjamin on the island. But in the end, Benjamin told her to return to the Struyria as well. "What will happen to Emmeline if you're not there? What about the Adelmar Group?" "But Mr. Adelmar," Benjamin said reluctantly, "I'd better stay here, I think. " "You can put aside Emmeline's matter from now on," Benjamin said, "Did you drink the medicine as well?"