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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 474

"It can't be done," Benjamin said in surprise, "I'd rather suffer than let you deprive me of my feelings," "Stupid!" Robert waved and said, "You and Ms. Eastwood should go back to Struyria, and set off with Abel. " Three days later, everyone returned to Struyria. Abel returned to "The Precipice. " The Rolls-Royce stopped in the parking space, and Kendra greeted him with Abel in his arms. Evelyn saw them upstairs, and changed her clothes, put on some makeup, and ran down. The car opened, and Abel, who dressed in a black suit, stepped out. Kendra's eyes dimmed. She expected Emmeline to appear behind Abel. But there was only Abel. Luca got off the passenger seat. "Mr. Ryker," Kendra probed into the car, "Where is Ms. Louise? Didn't you find her?" Abel strode toward the main building as if he did not hear anything. Evelyn greeted her in a pink dress she had just changed into. "Mr. Abel!!" "Why are you here?" Upon seeing Evelyn, Abel suddenly frowned. "I. " Evelyn smiled slightly, "I'm here to accompany Kendra and help her look after the baby while all of you are gone. " "I'm not used to strangers living at home," Abel brushed past Evelyn, "you'd better leave

"Kendra," Evelyn said, "What does Lucas mean?" "I don't quite understand," Kendra said worriedly, "Maybe Ms. Louise is really gone, and told us not to mention her when Mr. Abel is here," "Is Emmeline really gone this time?" Evelyn was overjoyed, "So

. " She wanted to say that she had hope now, but choked on her words. "Mr. Abel is back," Kendra said to Evelyn, "Thank you for staying with me during this time, but after all, I am not in charge here, Ms. Murphy, I will not keep you here any longer," "Kendra," Evelyn grabbed Kendra's hand, "Just say a few words for me, why don't you let Mr. Abel stay with me for a few days? The air here is good, and the environment is fresh, I don't even wanna go back to Altney,” Kendra did not know what to say. Evelyn seems to have a gentle temperament and is easy to get along with, so she did not dislike her. It was just because she could not disobey Abel's order. "Kendra, please," Evelyn took Kendra's hand coquettishly, "Please just help me," "Then I'll give it a shot," Kendra said, "I can't guarantee it either. " "Thanks!" Evelyn said, "I'll buy you lots of gifts when I return to Altney. I have a lot of designer clothes that I can't wear, and I have a lot of designer bags too, I'll give them to you," "I don't need those," Kendra smiled lightly, "I am here with Mr. Abel. I'm fed, I have a place to live, and I have money. I'm already satisfied with what I have," "Speaking of which, I really envy you," Evelyn pouted. "Why do you envy me?" Kendra was a little surprised, "I just depend on others, and you're from a well-known family. "