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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 475

"But you get to stay by Mr. Abel's side every day," Evelyn said, "Although I've been married to him, Mr. Abel doesn't want to see me. " "About that. " Kendra lowered her gaze, "I still have to cook for Mr. Abel, so I won't chat with you. " "I'll help you!" Evelyn hurriedly followed. Abel returned to his room and took a hot shower. After that, she wrapped herself in a towel and entered the closet. He wanted to change into a suit, so he hurried to Abel's room to have a look. Since he had not been here for so long, his desk should be piled with work. But then he saw Emmeline's clothes. The closet was filled with clothes. They were all designer clothes that he bought for her. Abel took one off casually and put it in front of his eyes. He wondered why he loved that woman so much. Why did he buy her so much luxurious clothing? But why did he feel empty whenever he thought of her? He even thought about how she was lying on the hospital bed, fighting against the god of death, and he felt empty

" "Then let's go and have a look. " The two told Daisy and the nanny to take care of the children and hurried to the building. Seeing the couple, Luca got up from the sofa

. "Sit down and talk," Lewis gestured to Luca with a serious expression. "Luca," Rosaline said, "Is there something wrong with Abel?" "Well," Luca sat down on the sofa and talked about Osea and his party. Before he finished speaking, Lewis and Rosaline turned pale. "So the children has no mother?" "Emmeline is really hopeless?" "Considering her conditions," Luca choked up, "Precisely," "About Abel's body. " Rosaline was very worried. "Mr. Abel has taken the medicine from Benjamin's family, and he's doing fine. He'll recover soon," "But what medicine did Abel take?" Lewis frowned, "He let go of his obsession with Emmeline, but what about the children? Will the children miss their mother?" "Yeah," Rosaline wiped her tears, "It's better for Abel to let Emmeline go rather than thinking about it, but the children can't live without their mother. " "At the moment, we can only keep it a secret from the children," Luca said, "Emmeline is temporarily staying with Benjamin and won't come back for a year or so, and the children will let it go," "That's the only way to go," Lewis frowned, "How could such a thing happen?" "Fortunately, Abel is fine," Rosaline said, "You can't bring back the dead, and you can't grieve all the time. " "But Emmeline. " Luca said, "It's not the last time yet. " "According to what you said, there is nothing the York family can do," Rosaline said sadly, "I think it will happen sooner or later. "