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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 476

"Oh, it's really hard for Abel. " Lewis pinched his brows, "He likes Emmeline so much. " "There's nothing we can do now," Rosaline said, "If worse comes to worst, let's see which daughter is suitable, and match one up for Abel," "Well, that's also a plan," Lewis said, "At any rate, he's given up and has no feelings for Emmeline. It shouldn't be a problem to start a new relationship. " Lucas felt a lump in his throat. He felt sorry for Emmeline by doing so. But Emmeline was really hopeless, and for their father, this is the only way to go. The dead are gone, and life continues. Lucas explained the matter to Lewis and his wife and hurried back to Abel's. On the way, he passed the Nightfall Cafe, and he saw that the shop was open. But there was no time to park the car and see Lynn. Abel processed the documents, and it was already dark. He returned to the edge of the white clouds. Kendra had prepared dinner. The flavor was rich, and it also matched Abel's taste buds. He has been taking the medicine Benjamin gave him. His stomach problem has almost healed. His appetite even got better. He changed into his clothes and came downstairs, he was ready to have dinner. Raising his eyes, he saw Evelyn coming out of the kitchen wearing an apron. Abel's handsome face turned cold immediately

" "Then what should we do now?" Evelyn said, "Mr. Abel left in a fit of anger. " "Let's do this for now," Kendra said, "I'll apologize to him when you leave later

. " "I see. " Evelyn said, "I'd better apologize to the Ryker family later," "You?" Kendra asked in surprise, "To the Ryker family?" "That's right," Evelyn said, "The Murphy family and the Ryker family know each other. I haven't visited Mr. Adrien and Uncle Landen yet. " Kendra kept quiet. Initially, she should not have bothered about the young lady's affairs. Abel's car came to Levan Mansion, and the housekeeper hurriedly notified Lewis and his wife. "Wow, Daddy and Mommy are back from their honeymoon!" Timothy clapped his hands and cheered. "But how long is it?" said Helios, "is there ten days?" "I can only count to ten days," said Endymion, "isn't ten days a little short?" "Yeah, honeymoon, honeymoon, need to last a month. " Hesperus was also puzzled. "Children," Rosaline said with a forced smile, "I heard from your father that Grandpa Benjamin is ill, and your mother will stay in Osea to take care of him. " "But grandpa is a doctor," said Helios. "Is he very ill?" "People will get sick when they grow old," Lewis said, "and so will doctors. " "How long will Mommy take care of Grandpa?" Hesperus said, "We miss Mommy. " "Yes, yes," Hesperus pouted, "I miss Mommy every day, even in my dreams. " "But who is Grandpa Benjamin?" Timothy asked, "Why haven't I heard of him?"