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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 477

"Grandpa didn't let us tell you that," Helios said, "Grandpa told us that it's a secret. " "There's also Uncle Adelmar," Endymion said, "we're not allowed to talk about it. " "In short, we're not supposed to talk about what happened on the island," Hesperus finally concluded, "We can't talk about it, otherwise Grandpa will get angry. " "But you've all talked about it just now," Timothy said, "Will Grandpa Benjamin be angry?" "It probably won't happen now," said Helios. "Now that even Grandma knows about it, it's okay to talk about it. " "I think so too. " Moonlight nodded. "I agree. " Hesperus also nodded seriously, "Daddy must have met Grandpa, so Grandpa agreed to tell us this secret. " Daisy was listening, wiping away her tears. She already knew about Emmeline, but she could only keep it from the children. Abel parked the car and walked in with big strides. "Daddy!" His children rushed forward. "Good boys!" Abel happily squatted down, opened his arms, and hugged his four precious sons. The chubby little dumpling was hugged into her arms, warm and caring. The corner of Abel's lips burst into a smile. "Daddy, Daddy," Timothy said, "When will Mommy come back?" "That's right, Daddy, we miss Mommy too

" "I love Mommy's porridge too!" Helios said, "Daddy likes it too," "Yes, there's also Mummy's shredded pork with green bamboo shoots," Endymion said, "Daddy loves them all. " "Anyway, Daddy likes to eat the food Mommy cooks. " Hesperus finally added

. "I'll tell the staff to make the dishes now," Rosaline said with tears in her eyes. Abel frowned. Every time the children talked about a dish, a delicate and pretty figure in an apron would appear in front of his eyes. The figure was blurry, but he could feel her smile. She was sweet and gentle… Suddenly, a sharp pain penetrated into Abel's heart. He yelled in pain, "Ugh!" Rosaline was taken aback, "What's wrong with you, son? Does your stomach hurt?" "No," sweat oozed from the tip of Abel's nose, "It's strange, my heart suddenly hurts. " Heartache? Rosaline looked at Luca. Luca did not tell him that if he took the medicine, his heart would hurt. Luca was lost. Benjamin did not explain the side effects of the medicine. Their grandfather suddenly had a heartache, how would he explain it? Fortunately, the pain lasted only for a moment. As Emmeline's smile flashed across Abel's heart, the pain disappeared. "It's okay," Abel straightened up and said, "Maybe I'm a little tired. " "Then you go upstairs and rest first," Rosaline said, "We still have to wait for the dishes to be made," "Yeah," Abel nodded and left the children