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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 478

"Daddy, you should get some rest," Timothy said. "I'll call you when it's mealtime," Sun added. Moon looked at Abel and said, "Daddy, you have to take care of yourself. " "Go on upstairs, Daddy," Star said as he blew kisses. Abel felt revitalized after hearing their words. "It's alright. I'll stay here and play with you all for a bit," he said. "Abel, are you sure about this?" Rosaline asked. "I'm fine. There's plenty of time to rest after dinner," Abel replied. Rosaline nodded and headed to the kitchen. After dinner, Abel received a phone call from Benjamin. "Abel, are you feeling any better?" Benjamin asked. "I'm fine now. Thanks for asking, Mr. Benjamin," Abel replied. "I would like to meet the children

Benjamin reached out and said, "Timmy, come here. " "Are you here to see us on behalf of Mommy?" Timothy asked. Benjamin nodded hesitantly

. "When will mommy return?" Sun asked. "Is Grandpa’s condition getting worse?" Moon added. "Uncle Benjamin, I miss Mommy," Star muttered with teary eyes. Although Abel had no feelings for Emmeline, he felt bad for the children. Janie opened her bags and revealed the toys and snacks that she brought. "Look at what we've brought. I'm sure all of you will like them," Janie said. Daisy helped Janie to distribute the toys and snacks. They managed to divert the children's attention. "I'm glad that the children are fine," Benjamin said. Abel nodded and said, "Tell them that the children are well. " As Rosaline was about to enquire about Emmeline, she stopped after noticing Abel's gaze. Janie took a deep breath and lowered her head. Rosaline was certain that Emmeline was beyond saving