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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 482

Evelyn said hurriedly, "Mr. Abel, work is more important; please leave it to me; I can look after Granddad. " Evelyn said hurriedly, "Mr. Abel, work is more important; please leave it to me; I can look after Granddad. " "Okay. " He nodded, picked up his suit jacket, and left. Oscar slammed the fork on the table and snorted, "This bastard is so freaking stubborn!" "Grandda," Evelyn said, "Emmeline was in danger; it was only natural that Mr. Abel was feeling upset. " "Why should I be understanding?" Oscar snapped and said, "All she has done is give birth to the four children and nothing more! She can never be better than you. What’s more, she’s dead now!" Evelyn lowered her head and smiled. How can a dead woman compete with a rich lady like me? It seems that I still have my chance with Abel as long as I’m on Old Mr. Ryker’s good side. No, not only him! I also have to be on good terms with Abel’s parents and children!" She quickly carried out her plan. The next time, she went to the kindergarten to pick up four of them. She blocked their way out and said, "I’m your mom’s friend; I’m here to visit you all. " "But we don’t know you," Timothy looked up and asked, "Are you a human trafficker?" "Of course not," She squatted down and smiled lovingly, saying, "I'm best friends with your mom, Emmeline. You all should address me as Auntie Evelyn . "But we have never seen you together with mom," Helios was said to be alerted. "How can we be sure you’re her friend?" "Yes," Endymion said, "we won’t believe you before making sure of your real identity!" "I agree with my brothers!" Hesperus said, "The four of us are not so easy to lie to!" "I’m not lying to you all," She smiled and said, "I’ll go to your house, and you all will know it once we see your grandparents. " "Grandad is coming to fetch us now," Timothy asked. "Are you coming with us?" She turned and saw Lewis coming down from his car; she had greeted him and his wife the other day

Rosoline wos hoppy to see her, ond she pulled her to the sofo to hove o tolk. "I’m best friends with Emmeline," she soid with reddened eyes. "Who would hove thought something like this could hoppen to her?" "Don’t let the kids overheor our conversotion," Rosoline soid

. "They thought thot Emmeline wos ot Oseo looking ofter their grondpo. " "Oseo?" She wos shocked, ond she osked, "Emmeline’s not deod? She’s ot Oseo?" "We always welcome Mom’s friend. " Hesperus said, "Auntie, nice to meet you. " "I thought you were a human trafficker. " Timothy broke into a smile and asked, "So, you’re not one?" "Are you terrified of the human trafficker?" She gently caressed his head and said, "I feel so sorry for you. " "Ms. Murphy," Lewis said, "since you’re here, let’s go to our house to have lunch together. We’re no strangers. " "I was planning to," she answered. "I already prepared the gifts to pay a visit. " Half an hour later, her car followed Lewis’ car into his mansion. She took a lot of gifts and toys from her car, and she also bought expensive food for Lewis and Rosaline. Rosaline was happy to see her, and she pulled her to the sofa to have a talk. "I’m best friends with Emmeline," she said with reddened eyes. "Who would have thought something like this could happen to her?" "Don’t let the kids overhear our conversation," Rosaline said. "They thought that Emmeline was at Osea looking after their grandpa. " "Osea?" She was shocked, and she asked, "Emmeline’s not dead? She’s at Osea?"