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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 484

"Try this; it’s yummy and nutritious. " "Try this; it’s yummy and nutritious. " "And this one, it’s sweet; kids should love it. " Luckily, the four of them were independent when they ate. All she needed to do was pass them some food when they could not reach it. But she was still sweating like crazy at the end of the meal; it was not an easy job after all. She did not even manage to have some hot food. She was thinking that after Abel and she got married, she would just leave these four children to Lewis and Rosaline. After lunch, Rosaline did not send Evelyn back home; she brought her to the guest room. Everyone got back to their rooms to rest. Rosaline was talking with Lewis in their room. "I feel that Ms. Evelyn isn’t bad," she said to her husband. "Since Emmeline is in this state, we should convince Abel to get to know her. " "I feel like it’s a good idea," Lewis said. "After eating the medicine of the Aldemar family, Abel should be forgetting his feelings for Emmeline. This is a good chance to start anew. " "Yes," she said, "Abel is still young; he should find a partner for himself. And he used to have a marriage agreement with the Murphy family; this might be fate. " "If they really get married to each other," Lewis said, "Abel’s status will be so much stronger. " "But," she frowned and said, "it seems like he’s not interested in her; what should we do?" "Our son is like this," Lewis said. "His nickname is the Devil from Hell. He’s cruel and cold; didn’t you hear about it before?" "I didn’t have the chance to hear such a thing," Rosaline smiled bitterly, "but indeed, this nickname suits our son. " "Maybe we should create more chances for them to meet each other," Lewis suggested. "He might develop feelings for her after some time. " "Yes," she nodded and responded, "let me think of how to make this work

But Evelyn pushed the door open, holding o troy with o bowl of hot soup on it. "Mr. Abel, the soup is reody; pleose hove some

. The dinner is still not reody yet. " "Who let you in?" Abel soid it coldly. "My son is like this," Rosaline said to her with a smile. "He’s always cold and expressionless. " Evelyn smiled and did not reply. She liked how cold he was. "But once he has fallen for someone, he’ll treat his partner well. " She continued to say, "Just look at how he used to pamper Emmeline; he could literally do anything for her. " Evelyn was dissatisfied hearing her words; she wanted to make him fall in love with her and give her everything! "I’ll go to check on the soup. " Evelyn said to her: "Oh," Rosaline said, "I almost forgot about it; you should go check on it. " Abel took a shower after getting into his room; he felt that he stank after working for the whole day. He felt relaxed while changing into clean clothes. Before he could wipe his wet hair, someone knocked on his door. He thought that it was Rosaline. "Mom, I’ll go down soon. " He opened the door slightly as he spoke. But Evelyn pushed the door open, holding a tray with a bowl of hot soup on it. "Mr. Abel, the soup is ready; please have some. The dinner is still not ready yet. " "Who let you in?" Abel said it coldly