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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 488

"Mr. Abel," Alana was frowning, and she yelled, "it’s painful!" "Mr. Abel," Alana was frowning, and she yelled, "it’s painful!" He pushed her away as if he were trash. "I thought you didn’t know what pain was. " She remained silent because she did not know what he found out; all she could do was keep her mouth shut. "Tell me," he said furiously, "why did you disguise yourself and sneak into the Ryker Residence that day?" She looked down and bit her lips. "Abel, what do you mean?" Benjamin asked in doubt, "Are you saying that she was at the party?" "Yes," he answered, "I suspect that she did something back then. " "Then, Emma…" "It’s not me!" Alane yelled, "I’m not that capable! She was being shot, and I didn’t even know how to use a gum!" "Then someone must be behind you!" Abel asked in a lowered voice, "Was it Adam?" She trembled upon hearing his words. How did he guess that Adam was the one? But it was impossible for her to admit it, unless she did not want to live anymore. Adam just let her out of prison and is currently giving her heavy training. He promised to make her an assassin. And the basic requirement was to have a strong mentality. She was sent here to get used to humiliation. And it was unlucky for her to run into Abel on her first day. "Mr. Abel, you’re overthinking. " She looked down and said, "I don’t know Mr. Adam at all. " "Then, why were you with his bodyguards the other day?" "Why were you wearing their uniform?" "I just wanted to get in and look at you; do you believe me? "Of course not!" He gritted his teeth and said, "I cut off three of your fingers; you should be hating me; it’s impossible that you wanted to see me!" She sobbed and wiped her tears with her disabled fingers. "Don’t you know that I have been crazily in love with you for years? I will still love you even if you cut off my arm! I’ve totally put everything behind me; I just wanted to look at you during the party. It would be more than enough for me to see you from afar

"This is hord, to be sure. " Benjomin soid. "I’ll still look into it," Abel soid

. "Especiolly for Adom, he hos successfully cought my ottention!" "Abel," Benjomin stuttered ond soid, "you don’t love Emmo, but would you seek justice for her?" "F*ck off now!" He snorted, "Before I find anything fishy about you, you better hide yourself. If not, you might be dead without warning!" "Yes, Mr. Abel!" She did not expect him to let her go this easily. She got up and tumbled her way out. This was the Imperial Palace; it was a messy place with all sorts of unknown threats. He would not be dumb and corner her in here, even though she had caused many innocent people to lose their lives. "Abel," Benjamin gasped and asked, "Do you think that she harmed Emma?" "I can’t be sure," he answered, "just that it’s weird for her to be at the party. " "She was disguised as a bodyguard. " He asked, "As Adam’s bodyguard?" "But Adam denied it," Abel said. "After all, the bodyguards dressed the same. " What he said was true: black suits were the symbolic wear of the bodyguards. And it was common wear among the men too. Just like him and Abel, both of them were in black suits. Just that their brands were different. "This is hard, to be sure. " Benjamin said. "I’ll still look into it," Abel said. "Especially for Adam, he has successfully caught my attention!" "Abel," Benjamin stuttered and said, "you don’t love Emma, but would you seek justice for her?"