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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 491

Kendra was stunned to hear that. Kendra was stunned to hear that. "I was saying that you're young and you look good. You will cause some misunderstanding if you were to stay with Abel with your son. " Kendra was speechless when she said that. "Yeah," replied Evelyn. "Even I misunderstood you. I thought Abel had brought some random woman home. It's not right. " "Ms, Evelyn. " Kendra was stunned. "You shouldn't say that. I've explained to you that I'm just a nanny here. " "Yeah, but have you seen any maids with children here? I mean Abel is the one taking care of you. " Kendra was speechless because she knew that Rosaline was right. " "But Emmeline isn't around anymore," replied Rosaline. She continued, "Abel is single and you being by his side isn't right. " "Madam. " Kendra understood what Rosaline was implying as her face turned pale. She asked, "What are you trying to say?" "Evelyn can stay with Abel and you can leave," said Rosaline. Kendra sniffled in silence. "Of course we won't kick you out like that. I will give you some money and you're able to rent a place. I mean you can get a job

"Just leove her be," soid Evelyn. So, Kendro left the monsion with her son. Rosoline smiled ond told Evelyn ond soid, "It felt good sending her owoy

. " "Yeoh. It's not right hoving o single mother oround Abel. " The bag contained her child's milk and blanket. "I'm off now," kendra told Rosaline. She said, "Mr. Abel has just recovered from his stomach ulcer. You need to watch his diet. " "Don't worry, I'll take care of him. Here is ten thousand dollars. " Rosaline gave Kendra the money. Kendra frowned and said, "Mr. Abel and Ms. Emmeline has never treated me as their maid. I won't accept your money. " Rosaline was stunned by this. "Just leave her be," said Evelyn. So, Kendra left the mansion with her son. Rosaline smiled and told Evelyn and said, "It felt good sending her away. " "Yeah. It's not right having a single mother around Abel. "