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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 492

After giving orders to the chefs, Evelyn was ordering the cleaners around. After giving orders to the chefs, Evelyn was ordering the cleaners around. "Do the job well based on my requirements; if not, you all shall repeat until it’s done correctly!" She was becoming arrogant, like she was back at home. "If you guys do not do well, I’ll chase you all out like I did to Kendra!" The chefs and the cleaners hurriedly went to work. In the afternoon, Abel was back home on time. Usually, he would see Kendra greeting him with Quincy, but she did not today. He did not think much; he thought that she might be coaxing the baby to sleep. "Luca," he said, "ask Kendra to make some light soup. " "Yes, Mr. Abel. " Luca replied. Abel went upstairs to change his clothes, and while Luca went to the kitchen to look for Kendra, she was not there. He went to her room and knocked on her door; no one was answering. Abel was at his bedroom door, and he saw Evelyn walking out of it. He was stunned, and then he asked with a frown, "Why are you here?" "Mr. Abel, welcome back!" She smiled happily, and she said, "I cleaned up your room for you just now. " "You’re not allowed in my room!" He was furious. "Who let you come here?" "It’s Madame Ryker," she answered; "she asked me to come here to take care of you. " "There’s no need for it," he said coldly. "Kendra is here to take care of me; you should leave now!" "Mr. Abel," Luca said behind him, "Kendra might be out. " "She’s not home. " He turned and looked at Luca

"I’m sitting with Quincy on the steps of the supermorket; we’re obout to go bock to Brookwoter Villoge by bus. " "Stoy there," he soid. "Luco is on his woy there

. " "I won’t tolerate the wrong things. " He frowned and said, "You should leave before I ask the bodyguards to throw you out!" "Mr. Abel," she pouted and said, "I’m a wealthy lady of the Murphy family; are you sure you want to do this to me?" "I don’t care who you are," he glared at her and snorted, "no one can cause a scene in my house! No one!" She lowered her head and shut up. Luca kept calling Kendra’s phone, but she did not pick up. After the third time, she declined his call. "I’ll do it. " Abel’s face crumpled. He took out his phone to call her. After ringing a few times, she finally answered the call. "Mr. Ryker, I. " "Tell me where you are," he said. "I’ll send Luca to bring you and Quincy back. " "It’s not suitable for me to be back, right?" "Who is the boss here? Why are you so soft and obedient? You’ll just leave when you’re told? Tell me, where are you now?" After pondering for a while, she said the name of the supermarket. She knew that no one could go against him in Struyria, not even his parents. "I’m sitting with Quincy on the steps of the supermarket; we’re about to go back to Brookwater Village by bus. " "Stay there," he said. "Luca is on his way there. "