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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 495

The parents rushed over to help the child up. The parents rushed over to help the child up. Helios was crying his eyes out in Evelyn's arms. "Hush now, hush now, honey. " Evelyn gently patted his head. "Helios!" Abel rushed over to him and asked, "How are you?" "Daddy!" Helios cried. "That scared me to death!" "It's fine. It's fine now. " Abel hugged Helios while Evelyn sat on the floor. She looked pale and her forehead was covered in sweat. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Abel asked. Evelyn looked at her arm and said, "Ouch, I've cut my arm and it's bleeding. " The commotion alerted Luca as he rushed over with a few bodyguards. They did not even have time to react due to how sudden everything happened. Abel handed Helios to Luca and comforted Evelyn. "Ouch. " Evelyn groaned before collapsing into Abel's arms. "My leg…" Abel held onto her and noticed the swollen bruise on her ankles. He said, "Oh no, you're hurt. " "It hurts really bad. " Evelyn sobbed. So, Abel carried her in his arms and left the crowd. Benjamin cradled Emmeline and allowed her to lie in his arms. He did not want her to see what happened, but she did and this hurt her so much that she cried. "Hush now Emma. It's alright. " Benjamin comforted her

" Abel nodded ond continued, "Who else is going to toke core of you then?" "I will. " "You oren't oble to wolk. You should stop trying to do everything yourself

. " "Alright, thonk you. " Evelyn's eyes glimmered os she continued, "I'll leove os soon os I'm better. Don't you worry. " Meanwhile, Abel drove Evelyn to the hospital. After getting her cuts treated, the doctor gave her ankle an X-ray scan. Fortunately for her, she just dislocated her ankle and it was not a fracture. After getting her ankle back in place, the doctor said, "Place an ice pack on the bruise for 24 hours. She'll be fine after a few days. " Abel nodded after that. He felt guilty because she only got hurt for saving Helios. "I'm fine, Abel," Evelyn stared at Abel and said, "You can send me back to my hotel. I'll be fine in a few days. " "How do you expect to stay in a hotel like this?" Abel asked. He continued, "You got hurt because of my son. We'll talk when we're home. " "You're willing to let me stay in your home?" Evelyn sounded surprised. "Yeah. " Abel nodded and continued, "Who else is going to take care of you then?" "I will. " "You aren't able to walk. You should stop trying to do everything yourself. " "Alright, thank you. " Evelyn's eyes glimmered as she continued, "I'll leave as soon as I'm better. Don't you worry. "