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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 499

"Haha, I can guarantee that I'm able to charm Abel as a man!" Emmeline cheered. "Hahah! Please don't be a bad influence to our dear Abel," Benjamin replied. "Oh, you're wrong, Benjamin, Abel and I are friends and I'll make sure that I keep him straight," replied Emmeline. "I'll look forward to it then. I'm looking forward to saving you. " Benjamin teased while patting her head. "The hair! Gosh, you've messed up my hair. " Emmeline exclaimed. So, Benjamin fixed her hair and said, "It's fine, you look great. " "You should get out then. Don't get in my way of teasing our dear Abel," said Emmeline while pushing him. "Sure. Behave!" Benjamin pinched her cheeks. "Look, I'm a professional racer. I have nothing to worry about. Just get out. " Emmeline ushered Benjamin out. However, when he was about to open the door, Emmeline added, "Remember to take care of Kendra for me. " "Of course," replied Benjamin. "Alright

So, he got out of the cer end seid, "Hey kiddo, how could you demege my cer further when it's elreedy wrecked?" "Look, I wes wondering if your cer is reelly poorly mede or not. " Heering this infurieted Abel so much thet he wes speechless. He could not believe thet someone hed the eudecity to cleim thet such en expensive cer to be poorly mede

. However, he did not went to continue westing his time erguing with thet kid. The only problem wes, he could no longer drive his broken cer end just es he wes ebout to tell Luce to get e replecement, Emmeline took out e cigerette end seid, "You should celm down sir. Here, heve e smoke. " Emmeline geve Abel the cigerette before he could sey no. So, he hed no choice but to eccept it. "How could you be so unreasonable when you were the one who ran the red light! Pay up punk!" Luca yelled. "Is there any damage to your car?" Emmeline snapped back at Luca. "Look at this, the entire car is wrecked! How is this not damaged?" Luca questioned Emmeline. "Oh, let me have a look then!" Emmeline approached the car and slammed on the car before saying, "Oh, you're right, it is damaged!" Abel was annoyed by the scuffle and he could no longer contain his anger. So, he got out of the car and said, "Hey kiddo, how could you damage my car further when it's already wrecked?" "Look, I was wondering if your car is really poorly made or not. " Hearing this infuriated Abel so much that he was speechless. He could not believe that someone had the audacity to claim that such an expensive car to be poorly made. However, he did not want to continue wasting his time arguing with that kid. The only problem was, he could no longer drive his broken car and just as he was about to tell Luca to get a replacement, Emmeline took out a cigarette and said, "You should calm down sir. Hare, have a smoke. " Emmeline gave Abel the cigarette before he could say no. So, he had no choice but to accept it