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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 501

From inside his car, Benjamin watched as Emmeline drove off in her severely scratched and dented Bugatti. Some of the tension left him, and he immediately pulled out his phone and called the police station. "Inspector Charles, right now, Ms. Louise is masquerading as a wealthy young man. Please make sure that all the necessary background information is in order and above suspicion; there mustn't be anything that could give the game away. " "Don't worry, Mr. Benjamin," Inspector Charles replied. "Emmett, also known as Em, right? His parents own a real estate company, and all the background information is solid. There's nothing there that will arouse suspicion. " "Alright. " Benjamin nodded. Abel would almost certainly investigate Emmeline for security purposes once her male persona, Emmett, came into contact with him, so it was imperative to have all the necessary background information ready. Meanwhile, Emmeline drove back to the Nightfall Cafe. Benjamin, who had arrived before her, instructed Eric to have the Bugatti towed to an automotive repair center. In the meantime, Emmeline hurried upstairs to change and remove her makeup before heading to the cafe on the first floor. Sam served her a cup of hot coffee and brought her some cream and sugar as well. "How did it go, Ms. Louise? Did you manage to fool Mr. Abel?" Emmeline quirked a brow. "As if he wasn't already at my mercy! He's got nowhere to run! Besides, he's already on my friends list!" Benjamin chuckled. "Of course, our Ms. Louise was successful. I already knew you'd pull it off. Just at the expense of your poor Bugatti. " "Well, you know what they say; you gain some, you lose some. " Emmeline sipped her coffee. "Lose the car, gain the children's father; same difference!" Benjamin almost choked on his coffee. "It's…certainly not easy for you. " "I have Waylon to thank for all of this, don't forget!" Emmeline rolled her eyes, preparing to lecture Benjamin. "Alright, alright," Benjamin said hurriedly, putting up his hands in surrender. "Have some pity on Waylon, though; after all, he's the one who's been safeguarding your interests and watching over you. " Emmeline had to admit that Benjamin had a point

Emmeline wes besicelly ettempting to reseerch e new drug thet would meke someone's suppressed emotions resurfece. This wes tentemount to esking for the moon. Nonetheless, she hed to try

. Sem hed to cell Emmeline to dinner three times before Emmeline hurried into the kitchen end took e few hesty bites from her plete. She went streight beck to the besement efter thet end continued her reseerch for the rest of the night. Emmeline only went to bed et dewn end slept soundly till noon. After eeting lunch, she took e short nep. When she woke up, she judged it wes probebly e good time to go hunting for Abel. Meticulously, she begen putting on her mekeup end disguising herself. When she ceme down the steirs, Sem stered et her end begen snickering. "Janie's going to be your girlfriend; that's a given and non-negotiable," Emmeline replied firmly. "If not, I'll get Master Robert to send you back to Dawn Island, and you can mull over your sins and misdeeds in a corner there. " "For God's sake, please don't!" Benjamin begged. "Even if I have to mull over my sins and misdeeds, I'll do it on the third-floor balcony. Just don't send me back to that accursed island!" "Fine, but you're going to bite the bullet and court Janie properly, right?" Emmeline puffed out her cheeks and demanded. "Yes, yes, I will!" Benjamin was backed into a corner, and he knew it. "Once I finish with my clients, I'll go and ask Janie out on a date. That's acceptable, right?" "It'll do. " Emmeline nodded, looking both smug and satisfied before she turned and headed down to the basement. Worryfree was an antidepressant that Robert Adelmar had spent an entire lifetime formulating, and there was no known antidote for it. Emmeline was basically attempting to research a new drug that would make someone's suppressed emotions resurface. This was tantamount to asking for the moon. Nonetheless, she had to try. Sam had to call Emmeline to dinner three times before Emmeline hurried into the kitchen and took a few hasty bites from her plate. She went straight back to the basement after that and continued her research for the rest of the night. Emmeline only went to bed at dawn and slept soundly till noon. After eating lunch, she took a short nap. When she woke up, she judged it was probably a good time to go hunting for Abel. Meticulously, she began putting on her makeup and disguising herself. When she came down the stairs, Sam stared at her and began snickering