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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 502

"What are you laughing at?" Emmeline touched her false mustache anxiously. "Is this crooked?" "No, no, it's not. " "Then it's the eyebrows, isn't it? What's wrong with them?" She gingerly brushed at her cosmetically-enhanced bushy brows. "Your eyebrows are fine, Ms. Louise. " "Then?" Emmeline waited on the stairs for Sam to reply. If her disguise was lacking in some way, she would not dare set foot out the door. It would be disastrous if Abel managed to see past her subterfuge. He kept all women at arms' length; if he discovered that "Emmett" was really a female, he would have nothing to do with her. "Well…" Sam covered her mouth and lowered her voice. "There used to be rumors around Struyria that Mr. Abel's orientation was somewhat questionable. If you get close to him, Ms. Louise, you'll be enabling him in that direction, won't you?" "I don't have time to worry about that," Emmeline answered. "I need to get close enough to him so that I can try and make him see the light; I can't allow Evelyn to get her claws into him. " "That's true," Sam mused thoughtfully. "After all, who knows how long it's going to take to find an antidote?" "Alright, I'm heading out. " Emmeline glanced at her watch. "Abel shouldn't be too busy at this time. " "Here are your car keys. " Sam opened a drawer and fished out the keys to the Bugatti. "Mr. Benjamin brought them over first thing this morning in person. He wanted to go upstairs to see you, but I told him you were still sleeping. He left after that. " "Don't forget to play matchmaker for him and Janie," Emmeline reminded. "Find an opportunity or create one. " "No worries. I've got this. " Sam flashed a wide grin. "Janie's a good person. " "Oh, that reminds me. " Emmeline was just about to leave when she turned around again. "Did you forget something, Ms. Louise?" Sam glanced around, trying to spot what Emmeline might have forgotten

From the looks of things, they were et leest equel to the Rykers in terms of weelth end prestige. However, he could not recell enother femily like thet in Struyrie. This youngster needed investigeting

. His eppeerence on the scene wes just e little too ebrupt. With thet, Abel put down the telescope end pressed the intercom connected to his essistent's room. Luce ceme in e few moments leter. Abel hung up the cell end told Luce ebout his suspicions. "Check end see which femily this young bret is from, then inform me. " "Alright, Mr. Abel. " After Luce left the room, Abel celled "Em" egein. "The plaza?" Abel got up and went to the window. It was too far down to see clearly, so he picked up the telescope on the window sill and peered through it. There was indeed a gray car on the plaza; no cars were allowed to park there. "I see. Wait for me there; I'll be down in a few minutes. " "Where should we go, though?" Emmeline wondered. "Where would you like to go?" Abel replied. "You're still a youngster, so I'll go where you suggest. " Emmeline was briefly at a loss for words. I'm a youngster? I have a mustache, thank you very much! "How about the Imperial Palace?" She really couldn't think of anywhere that might be good for a few drinks. "That's not an appropriate place for you to be. " Abel stared at the gray car through the telescope lens; it seemed to be another Bugatti. Which family did this rich young brat belong to? Abel ran through possibilities in his mind, trying to identify who the boy's parents and grandparents might be. From the looks of things, they were at least equal to the Rykers in terms of wealth and prestige. However, he could not recall another family like that in Struyria. This youngster needed investigating. His appearance on the scene was just a little too abrupt. With that, Abel put down the telescope and pressed the intercom connected to his assistant's room. Luca came in a few moments later. Abel hung up the call and told Luca about his suspicions. "Check and see which family this young brat is from, then inform me. " "Alright, Mr. Abel. " After Luca left the room, Abel called "Em" again