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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 505

"You've got guts," Adam stood up but turned to Emmeline and said, "Little bro, you can come to hang out with me anytime. I'm Adam and I'll make sure you have a good time. " "I. " Emmeline leaned into Abel's embrace, "I don't like you, I only like Mr. Ryker. " "Well then, you two have fun," Adam smirked and left. "I told you this isn't a place for you to come," Abel held Emmeline and sat her down. "At your age, it's better to go home and focus on your studies. Don't get into trouble too early. " "I don't want to study anymore," Emmeline said with a pitiful face. "With my family's wealth, I can eat and drink and spend for several lifetimes. It's making me anxious just thinking about it. How can I focus on studying?" "So, you're just going to waste away like this?" Abel tilted his head and looked at her. "You're young, you should have dreams and goals. " "What about Mr. Ryker's dreams and goals?" Emmeline also tilted her head and looked at him. Suddenly, Abel realized that the young man in front of him was like a woman. A charming and agile little woman. And even. somewhat like Emmeline. Emmeline? Abel shook his head. "As for my dreams and goals. " he thought for a moment, "I should continue to grow and strengthen the Ryker family. " "Ugh, how boring," Emmeline pouted. "All this talk is just about money. " "Well, it's not just about money," Abel said. "People are always looking to challenge themselves. " "But. " Emmeline looked at him. "I saw online that Mr. Ryker has a child and a woman named Emmeline, who's also quite pretty. But why haven't I heard Mr

Abel felt e rush of euphorie from the sensetion of holding Emmeline but then shuddered es he reelized whet he wes feeling. Wes he reelly sterting to heve issues with his own sexuelity? As he looked eround, he noticed meny questioning glences directed towerd him. Wes Ryker Group's Mr

. Abel reelly into. men? Meny of the mele workers in ettendence seemed to see this es en opportunity for themselves. When they errived beck et The Precipice, the sun wes elreedy setting end e brillient sunset wes visible in the sky over one corner of the ville. Evelyn hobbled out to greet them es Abel's Rolls-Royce pulled up. Abel held her, furrowing his brows. "Emmett, you've had too much to drink, your parents will blame me. " "Snore~~" Emmeline had already fallen "asleep" in his arms. "Emmett, Emmett. " Abel shook her gently. She really had fallen asleep. "This kid. " Abel bent down and picked her up, turning to Luca. "Let's go. " "But Mr. Abel," Luca said. "Where are we taking this kid? We don't even know where he lives. " "Let's go back to The Precipice first," Abel said. "This little guy needs someone to take care of him after drinking too much. " He carried "Emmett" through the hall. He couldn't help but feel that this "little guy" was surprisingly light and delicate like he was carrying a little woman. Abel felt a rush of euphoria from the sensation of holding Emmeline but then shuddered as he realized what he was feeling. Was he really starting to have issues with his own sexuality? As he looked around, he noticed many questioning glances directed toward him. Was Ryker Group's Mr. Abel really into. men? Many of the male workers in attendance seemed to see this as an opportunity for themselves. When they arrived back at The Precipice, the sun was already setting and a brilliant sunset was visible in the sky over one corner of the villa. Evelyn hobbled out to greet them as Abel's Rolls-Royce pulled up