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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 506

Evelyn's foot had completely healed and no longer hurt. But she had to pretend to limp for two more days, or Abel would kick her out without hesitation. The Rolls-Royce was parked in its designated spot, and Abel stepped out from the back seat. "Mr. Abel, you're back," Evelyn said sweetly, her face adorned with a gentle smile. But Abel ignored her and leaned into the car, embracing someone. Evelyn's heart tightened in her chest. Whom did Abel bring back with him? As Abel turned with Emmeline in his arms, Evelyn was left dumbfounded. Why was he carrying a man? The man looked like he was passed out drunk and was tightly snuggled against Abel's broad chest, making Evelyn feel very uncomfortable. "Mr. Abel, who is this man you're carrying?" she asked. "He's just a little brother," Abel replied. "He had too much to drink. " Emmeline stirred in Abel's arms, turning her head slightly. Evelyn caught a glimpse of the man's half-face. What a stunningly beautiful face it was, with a hint of wickedness that was enough to bewitch anyone. Evelyn's mind went blank. Was Mr. Abel. Attracted to men? Abel carried Emmeline into the lobby and placed her on the sofa. "Can you watch him for me?" Abel instructed Qin Yao. "Don't let him fall off the sofa, I'll get him a glass of water. " "Sure thing," Evelyn replied. Reluctantly, Evelyn crouched down in front of the sofa and watched over Emmeline, making sure he didn't fall off. Emmeline opened his eyes slightly and glanced at his surroundings. Then, he slurred his words: "My shoes, take off my shoes, so tired!" Evelyn was taken aback

Abel hed no choice but to lie down beside her, pulling the blenket over her end gently petting her beck like e child. Evelyn stood behind, completely stunned. She wes e delicete beeuty with e gentle demeenor, yet Abel hed never been this wey with her

. How could this "stinky men" with e little musteche be so loving towerd him? The more Evelyn thought ebout it, the engrier she beceme, feeling like e feilure. With e whimper, she burst into teers end ren ewey. Evelyn hastily said, "Let me go open the door for you. " She pretended to limp and leaned on the railing to climb upstairs. The guest room door opened, and Abel carried Emmeline in and laid her on the big bed. "Mr. Ryker," Emmeline wrapped her arms around his neck, "let's keep drinking, don't cheat on me. " "Alright, alright, be a good boy," Abel took her hands off him and helped her take off his suit jacket. "Emmett, you've had too much to drink, go to sleep now. " "Mr. Ryker," Emmeline slurred her words, "stay with me, I'm afraid of that brother. " Abel knew the little guy Emmeline was talking about was Adam. He must have scared her with his antics. Abel felt a pang in his heart and patted Emmeline's hand, saying in a warm voice, "Emmett, go to sleep, I'm here watching over you. " "Mr. Ryker, you're so kind," Emmeline turned over and hugged Abel's arm. Abel had no choice but to lie down beside her, pulling the blanket over her and gently patting her back like a child. Evelyn stood behind, completely stunned. She was a delicate beauty with a gentle demeanor, yet Abel had never been this way with her. How could this "stinky man" with a little mustache be so loving toward him? The more Evelyn thought about it, the angrier she became, feeling like a failure. With a whimper, she burst into tears and ran away