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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 508

"Sure thing, no problem," Abel replied with a smile. Emmeline's eyes lit up with excitement as she twirled around Abel. "Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore Mr. Ryker!" she exclaimed. "Why don't I taste some of Mr. Ryker's cooking? I bet it's amazing!" Abel rolled up his sleeves. "Alright then, what would you like me to make for you?" he asked. Emmeline fluttered her eyelashes and grinned. "Whatever Mr. Ryker is best at making, that's what I want to eat," she said, her charm oozing from every pore. "Sounds good to me!" Abel draped a coat over Emmeline's shoulders and wrapped an arm around her. "Come with me to the kitchen and I'll show you what I can do. " The two of them linked arms and headed downstairs to the kitchen, chatting and laughing along the way. Luca's body tensed as he watched the scene unfold in the living room. He stood up from the couch, his mind racing with questions. What was going on here? What was Mr. Abel thinking? Could it be possible that he had switched teams and fallen for this "young man"? Luca shuddered at the thought, feeling a cold sweat break out on his back. Mr. Abel couldn't possibly have turned gay, could he? After a moment's contemplation, Luca quickly sent a message to Inspector Charles: "Do you have any information on Emmett yet?" Inspector Charles responded quickly: "Just finished the investigation. " Luca typed back urgently: "Send me the info, it's an emergency. " Inspector Charles immediately forwarded the background check on "Emmett" to Luca. As he scanned through the details, Luca discovered that this young man was actually a scion of a wealthy family. His grandfather and father were both prominent figures in the real estate business. However, there was no mention of any inclination towards homosexuality in the report. Feeling somewhat relieved, Luca forwarded the information to Abel

"Evelyn? How did you fell? Are you okey?" "I," Evelyn opened her eyes end seid, "my foot hurts. " "No wey?" Abel seid, "You were just upsteirs, end you could run by stemping your foot. " Evelyn wes stumped by his response

. "Auntie," Emmeline bent down to help her up, "you should get up quickly. It's not good if you get hurt. " "Who's your euntie!" Evelyn shook off her hend end got up by herself. "Of course it's you," Emmeline pointed to Abel end then to herself, "We're both guys, end you're the only old ledy here. " "Wait until you become a woman before you say that," Abel laughed and patted Emmeline's hand, "but for now, don't be silly, and let me make you two more dishes. " "Okay, okay!" Emmeline replied, "I want to become a woman quickly so I can marry Mr. Ryker!" "You don't have to become a woman," Abel said, "even if you're just Emmett, I still love you to death. " "Really?" "Of course!" "Glup!" Evelyn fainted again at the kitchen door. Uh oh, Abel and this stinky kid are really turning gay. What do we do now? Hearing the sound of a fall behind her, Emmeline pretended to startle. She ran over and shouted at Evelyn, "Oh my gosh, Auntie, how did you fall? You're getting old and your arms and legs aren't as sturdy as they used to be. Wake up, please!" Evelyn's eyes rolled back, and it seemed like her heart had stopped beating. Abel, wearing an apron and holding a spatula, came out. "Evelyn? How did you fall? Are you okay?" "I," Evelyn opened her eyes and said, "my foot hurts. " "No way?" Abel said, "You were just upstairs, and you could run by stamping your foot. " Evelyn was stumped by his response. "Auntie," Emmeline bent down to help her up, "you should get up quickly. It's not good if you get hurt. " "Who's your auntie!" Evelyn shook off her hand and got up by herself. "Of course it's you," Emmeline pointed to Abel and then to herself, "We're both guys, and you're the only old lady here. "