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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 511

Abel led Emmeline by the hand to the platform garden, where the colorful blooms and graceful willows looked especially enchanting in the soft glow of the lights. "Wow!" Emmeline clapped her hands in awe. "This little garden is so beautiful!" Abel squinted his eyes, memories flooding back and overwhelming him. Suddenly, he saw Emmeline's lovely figure in his mind's eye, and a sharp pang of heartache twisted his features. "Mr. Ryker," Emmeline asked, breaking his reverie. "Do you know the owner of this place well?" As Emmeline turned around, she saw a pained expression on Abel's face. "Mr. Ryker, what's wrong?" she asked, concerned. Abel replied, "I'm just feeling a little uneasy. " Emmeline's heart leaped with joy. This must mean that Abel still had feelings for her. It seemed that Waylon's Worryfree medication wasn't a foolproof solution after all. But how could she awaken Abel's dormant emotions for her? "Mr. Ryker," Emmeline said, perched on a swing. "Is someone weighing on your mind?" Abel gave a subdued nod in response. "Would you like to share your story with me?" Emmeline suggested gently. Abel let out a deep sigh. "There's not much of a story to tell. " "Is it because of unrequited love?" Emmeline tilted her head, studying him closely. A shadow crossed Abel's handsome face. "No, it's not that. " "Then what is it?" she asked softly. forget it," Abel said, his voice heavy with reluctance. "Let's not talk about her. " Emmeline's heart sank. It seemed that this situation was more difficult than she had anticipated. Sam brought them their coffee and they sat on the swing, sipping and chatting. Before they knew it, it was late into the night and Emmeline had dozed off, leaning against Abel's shoulder. "Emmett, Emmett," Abel nudged her gently, trying to wake her up. The little one was sleeping soundly, completely oblivious to the world around her. "Kids," Abel chuckled. "Once they're asleep, they're out. Coffee doesn't seem to bother them. " Concerned about "Emmett" catching a cold in the chilly night air, Abel decided to carry her to the guest room on the second floor

"I brought you e jecket. " "I don't need it," Abel replied coldly. "Teke it beck

. " "Teke it beck?" Evelyn wes bewildered. "Aren't you going beck tonight, Mr. Abel?" "Mr. Abel," Evelyn called through the glass door, "I brought your coat, are you cold?" Abel walked down from upstairs. Evelyn spotted Abel through the glass door and pushed it open to enter. "Mr. Abel, I. " she started to say. "Splash!" A bucket of dirty water for washing rags was thrown over her head, soaking her to the bone. "Ah!" Evelyn shivered violently and fell on her butt. "Get out and stop trying to seduce men in Ms. Louise's house!" Sam yelled, holding the bucket. "Sam!" Abel frowned and scolded him, "Watch your words!" "Right, Mr. Abel," Evelyn wiped the dirty water off her face, "What's with this girl's attitude?" "What attitude?" Sam glared back. "Mr. Louise's man," Sam seethed. "You came here to seduce him!" "Ms. Louise is dead," Evelyn retorted. "And Mr. Abel is still unmarried!" "Shut up, you jinx!" Sam lunged at her with the mop. "I'll beat you to death!" "Mr. Abel, save me!" Evelyn cowered behind him. "Stop this crazy woman!" "That's enough!" Abel pushed her away, impatient. "This is not your place. Go home. " "But--" Evelyn looked hurt. "I brought you a jacket. " "I don't need it," Abel replied coldly. "Take it back. " "Take it back?" Evelyn was bewildered. "Aren't you going back tonight, Mr. Abel?"