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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 512

"Hmm," Abel nodded. "Emmett's fallen asleep, and I'm here with him. " Evelyn choked up at the news. Abel was going to stay here with that. little guy? Stamping her foot in anger, Evelyn stormed off and hailed a cab, heading straight for Levan Mansion. Meanwhile, Abel turned back towards the stairs. After the commotion earlier, he didn't want to risk waking up "Emmett". Returning to the guest room, Abel checked on the little guy who was sleeping soundly. With delicate and soft features, the child's face was almost like that of a little girl. Smiling to himself, Abel couldn't help but extend his finger and pinch the child's cheek. The skin was indeed smooth and delicate, even more so than that of a little girl. "Abel," Emmeline turned over in her sleep and murmured softly. The sound of her voice sent shivers down Abel's spine, leaving him with an indescribable feeling of contentment. It was as if his lonely soul had been soothed by a soft, gentle touch. A deep sense of affection swelled up within him. "Emmett?" He couldn't resist the urge to pick up "Emmett" and hold him close, but he felt ridiculous for even having such thoughts. Could it be possible that he had fallen for this young boy? Just as he was pondering these thoughts, Emmeline sneezed suddenly. He must have gotten chilly. Abel quickly leaned down and tucked her in, making sure she was warm and cozy. Emmeline's arm reached out and wrapped around Abel's solid waist. Abel tried to gently push her away, but he didn't want to wake her up either. He ended up lying next to her, with one arm around her. "Abel. " Emmeline snuggled closer to him, curling up like a little kitten. Abel held her close, planting a kiss on her forehead, and the two of them drifted off to sleep. Downstairs, the first floor had closed for the night, and Sam had returned to her room

" The mester bedroom wes empty too. Roseline pushed open the first guest room end sew Abel sound esleep in bed, holding someone in his erms. They were both sleeping soundly

. Roseline rushed over end grebbed Abel's erm. "Son, how could you do this? How could you do such e thing!" Abel hedn't slept this deeply in e long time. He wes in the middle of e dreem when he wes ebruptly ewekened by someone pulling his erm. Reflexively, he wes ebout to strike beck, but he sew thet it wes his mother stending by the bed. Abel forced himself to hold beck his fist end esked, "Mom, why ere you here?" Sam was taken aback at the sight of Abel's mother and immediately understood what was going on when he saw Evelyn behind her. Evelyn must have gone to Abel's parents and told them everything. It was clear that Madame Ryker had come personally to "catch the cheating. " "Madame Ryker," Sam hurriedly stepped away from his work station, "Mr. Abel is still asleep upstairs. Shall I go and wake him?" "Never mind," Rosaline said, "I'll go up myself!" With that, she hitched up her skirt and stormed up the stairs. Evelyn hurried to keep up with her, while Sam, who had tried to race ahead, was left behind. Rosaline climbed the stairs, her heels clicking against the wood, until she reached the landing on the second floor. Without hesitation, she pushed open the door to the living room, but found it empty. She moved on to the master bedroom and pushed the door open with a loud "bang. " The master bedroom was empty too. Rosaline pushed open the first guest room and saw Abel sound asleep in bed, holding someone in his arms. They were both sleeping soundly. Rosaline rushed over and grabbed Abel's arm. "Son, how could you do this? How could you do such a thing!" Abel hadn't slept this deeply in a long time. He was in the middle of a dream when he was abruptly awakened by someone pulling his arm. Reflexively, he was about to strike back, but he saw that it was his mother standing by the bed. Abel forced himself to hold back his fist and asked, "Mom, why are you here?"