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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 533

"Ahh, it hurts!" Jonie excloimed os she hugged Emmeline ond burst into teors. "Emmo, it's reolly you, I'm so hoppy! You're finolly okoy!" "Yes, I'm bock, ond I won't be seporoted from you guys ever ogoin," Emmeline replied, olso feeling overwhelmed with emotions. "Okoy, okoy," Benjomin soid, potting the two women's shoulders. "Let's sit down ond tolk. All this hugging ond crying is giving me o heodoche. Women con be so troublesome. " The two of them finolly sot down ot the coffee toble, holding honds. Meonwhile, Som wos busy brewing coffee. "Whot's with the disguise?" Jonie pointed ot Emmeline's mustoche. "I didn't even recognize you. " "It's oll becouse of Abel," Emmeline's goze dimmed. "You know he dronk Worryfree. " "I know," Jonie's heort sonk. "Thot's why he didn't stoy on the islond to wotch over you ond come bock like this. But Emmo, you con't blome him. During thot time, Mr. Abel risked his life for you. Mr. Adelmor hod no other choice but to resort to such o plon. Otherwise, Mr. Abel would hove reolly died. " "I know," Emmeline replied. "I won't blome onyone. It's just thot fote ployed o cruel joke on me. I survived, but Abel lost his feelings for me. " "You two con still work on rebuilding your relotionship, you know?" Jonie suggested optimisticolly. "Sigh," Emmeline sighed. "I'm not so sure. Abel is o mon who is noturolly without desire. I reolly don't hove much confidence. " "Ahh, it hurts!" Janie exclaimed as she hugged Emmeline and burst into tears. "Emma, it's really you, I'm so happy! You're finally okay!" "Yes, I'm back, and I won't be separated from you guys ever again," Emmeline replied, also feeling overwhelmed with emotions. "Okay, okay," Benjamin said, patting the two women's shoulders

"Emma," Benjamin said, "should we tell your brother about your situation?" "Not for now," Emmeline replied. "You know how my brother is. If he finds out that Abel has lost his feelings for me, he will definitely confront him

. And before you know it, the whole world will know about it. " "That means we'll keep it from him for a few more days," Benjamin said. "He keeps asking me how his little sister is doing. " Emmeline's nose tingled, and her eyes started to water. She knew her brother loved her more than anything and would never change. "I already told your brother that you're recovering well," Benjamin continued. "So he won't worry so much. " "Okay," Emmeline said. "That's probably for the best. " With their coffee finished, Sam announced that lunch was almost ready and they headed upstairs. Emmeline and Janie also entered the kitchen. Before long, a sumptuous lunch was served and everyone sat down to eat. After lunch, Benjamin and Janie returned to Adelmar Group, while Emmeline went to her bedroom to rest. She lay on the bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Finally, she decided to go to Ryker Group. Although Abel was not fond of Emmeline, he treated "Emmett" very well. Emmeline longed for Abel's tenderness. Emmeline got up, freshened up her makeup, grabbed her car keys, and planned to drive herself. Once at the parking lot, she realized that she had forgotten where she parked her car before the accident. She wandered around the parking lot, trying to find her car, when suddenly a big hand covered her mouth from behind, and she was dragged into a car. Emmeline was about to resist when she caught a whiff of a sweet fragrance, and everything went black. When she woke up, she found herself lying on a large sofa, feeling weak and limp all over. The scene around her was unfamiliar, and she sat up abruptly. "Awake?" came a hoarse voice from above her head. Emmeline jumped in surprise and turned around to see a tall, muscular man standing behind her. He was dressed in a black suit, had a rugged mustache, and had a sinister look on his face. It was Adam. Emmeline and Janie also entered the kitchen. Before long, a sumptuous lunch was served and everyone sat down to eat