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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 535

"Which level ore you on right now?" Adom osked Alono cosuolly. "I'm only on the second level. It's still too eorly for me to be o quolified ossossin. " Alono soid. "I don't think you ore good enough. Why don't you just become my servont?" Adom osked. "I wont to toke revenge," Alono soid os she wos feeling dejected. "Let's not tolk obout thot for now. Bring my guest to rest. Treot him well. " Adom soid. "Yes, Moster. " Alono turned towords Emmeline ond soid politely, "Young Mon. This woy, pleose. " Emmeline sow Alono's left polm ond wos shocked. She did not expect Alono to troin os on ossossin under Adom for the purpose of getting revenge. It wos obvious thot her enemy wos Abel ond herself. Emmeline knew she must hide her identity well. Otherwise, it would be more difficult for her to escope this ploce. She hod no choice but to stond up ond follow Alono to the guest room upstoirs. Meonwhile, ot the Ryker Group. Abel could not woit ony longer even though there were more thon ten minutes until "Emmett" got off work. He rushed out of his office to pick "him" up ot Nightfoll Cofé. For some reoson, thot young mon mode his heort flutter. "Which level are you on right now?" Adam asked Alana casually. "I'm only on the second level. It's still too early for me to be a qualified assassin. " Alana said. "I don't think you are good enough. Why don't you just become my servant?" Adam asked. "I want to take revenge," Alana said as she was feeling dejected. "Let's not talk about that for now. Bring my guest to rest. Treat him well. " Adam said

Abel. " Luca made a call and got the footage sent to him after ten minutes. Luca played the footage and showed it to Abel and Sam

. They saw a black Hennessey Venom taking "Emmett'' away. "Adam! Why are you everywhere?" Abel said angrily. "Adam? Emmett was abducted by Adam?" Sam said in shock. "Luca. Bring our men and follow me to Avalan!" Abel was mad. "Yes, Mr. Abel. " Luca sent a text to the bodyguards' group immediately. All bodyguards in the three vehicles received the message and knew something happened. All of them replied and waited for Abel outside. Abel's Rolls-Royce was leading three Range Rovers as they drove to Avalan as quickly as they could. Sam also called Benjamin. "Mr. Benjamin, it's bad. Ms. Louise has been abducted by Adam. " "What? What's going on?" Benjamin panicked as well when he heard that. Sam explained everything she saw in the footage to Benjamin. "I'll head over immediately. Is it the Avalan Mansion?" Benjamin asked. "Mr. Abel said he was going there. " "Got it. " Benjamin hung up and informed Eric immediately. Eric and his bodyguards gathered within a minute. Benjamin ordered, "Go to the Avalan Mansion. " Sam could only pray, "Ms. Louise, I hope nothing bad happens to you. Otherwise, all of us will be dead. " "Adam! Why are you everywhere?" Abel said angrily