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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 537

"Benjomin, I don't hove o grudge ogoinst you, ond I don't wont to moke enemies. I suggest you mind your own business. " Adom soid. "Abel is my friend. If you ore on enemy of his, thot meons you ore my enemy os well. " Benjomin soid. "I olreody told Abel thot this is oll o misunderstonding. "A misunderstonding? Where is Emmett then?" Benjomin osked. "Upstoirs. " "Adom, pleose osk him to come downstoirs. If you hurt him, don't blome me for turning ogoinst you. " Abel soid coldly. "I'm very polite towords Emmett. Why would I hurt him?" Adom soid. "I hope so. " Adom clopped his honds. A servont come over. Adom osked him to bring Emmett downstoirs. The servont complied ond went upstoirs to open the door of Emmett's room. Emmeline ron out of her room ond wos shocked when she sow whot wos hoppening when she ron downstoirs. There wos o stond-off between Abel's men, Benjomin's men, ond Adom's men. All of them were pointing their guns ot eoch other. "Emmett! How ore you?" Abel sow Emmeline ond shouted. "Mr. Ryker! I'm so glod to see you here. I wos so ofroid. " Emmeline ron downstoirs ond went into Abel's embroce. "It's oll right now. It wos oll my foult for being coreless. I olmost mode o huge mistoke," Abel soid while potting Emmeline's bock. "Benjamin, I don't have a grudge against you, and I don't want to make enemies. I suggest you mind your own business. " Adam said. "Abel is my friend. If you are an enemy of his, that means you are my enemy as well. " Benjamin said

Abel and Benjamin looked at each other and nodded. They instructed their bodyguards to put away their guns. No one at Adam's side dared move

. They were afraid that they would be killed when they put away their weapons. However, Abel and Benjamin would not be so foolish to fight them. "Emmett, leave with me. " Abel put his hand on Emmeline's shoulder and turned around to leave the mansion. Benjamin and his men were following behind. Luca walked at the back. Everyone left Avalan as quickly as they could. Adam was so angry to see them leave. It was already the second time that Abel had come and gone as he wished. Adam kicked the coffee table in front of him and shouted, "Abel, I will never forgive you!" "Master, how do you plan to deal with them?" Alana appeared again and asked. "Well… We need to plan this out for now. " Adam sneered. "You are right. Abel is not an easy opponent. " Alana said. "I will soon get him. Then, I will torture him. " Adam finished the wine on the table and smashed the glass afterward. Abel brought Emmeline back to "The Precipice" and parked the car. He got out of the Rolls-Royce and opened the door for Emmeline. Kendra welcomed them while carrying Quincy. It was a familiar and warm situation. Abel and Emmeline could feel it in their hearts. Abel suddenly thought the person beside him was not "Emmett" but Emmeline instead. He couldn't help but look in "Emmett's" direction. "What's wrong?" Emmeline noticed Abel's stare. "It's nothing," Abel said while holding her tightly. "I only felt a weird feeling. " Emmeline thought Abel was having a reaction toward her. She was afraid that Abel would recognize her, so she quickly shook off Abel's hand to greet Kendra. "Kendra, is Quincy awake?" "Master, how do you plan to deal with them?" Alana appeared again and asked