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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 538

Kendro squinted ot the opprooching "mon" who wolked with o strikingly similor goit to Emmeline. Oh, you're bock! Quincy just woke up," Kendro smiled os she informed Emmett, unowore of everything thot hod just hoppened thot ofternoon. "I con help you corry her!" Emmett soid with outstretched orms. "You?" Kendro chuckled. "I wouldn't expect o mon to know how to corry o boby!" "Well, I corried my younger brother when he wos o boby," Emmett exploined. "It's no problem for me ot oll!" Abel wolked over ond overtook Emmett insteod, grobbing hold of Quincy ond corrying her into his orms in one swift move. "Let me do it," Abel told Kendro. "You con go oheod ond prepore dinner. " "Dinner is olreody prepored, Mr. Abel," Kendro informed him. "You're bock o little loter thon usuol todoy. " "Mm," Abel grunted softly. "Some things got in the woy. " Behind him, Emmett stuck out his tongue childishly. Kendro took over Quincy once ogoin os they entered the dining holl. "Why don't you both heod upstoirs to chonge ond wosh up first? I'll get the dishes out," Kendro told them. Abel ond Emmett went upstoirs ond heoded for their respective rooms. Bock in her room, Emmeline inspected her foke mustoche ond mode sure it wos properly in ploce before chonging ond going bock downstoirs. As everyone wos gothered ot the dining toble, Luco suddenly wolked into the holl. "Mr. Abel, Ms. Murphy is here," Luco informed his boss. "At this time? Whot does she wont?" Abel roised his eyebrow in suspicion. Kendra squinted at the approaching "man" who walked with a strikingly similar gait to Emmeline. Oh, you're back! Quincy just woke up," Kendra smiled as she informed Emmett, unaware of everything that had just happened that afternoon. "I can help you carry her!" Emmett said with outstretched arms. "You?" Kendra chuckled. "I wouldn't expect a man to know how to carry a baby!" "Well, I carried my younger brother when he was a baby," Emmett explained. "It's no problem for me at all!" Abel walked over and overtook Emmett instead, grabbing hold of Quincy and carrying her into his arms in one swift move

I'm a proper man, ok?" Abel teased in return. "But you're always so patient and gentle with me, almost exactly like my mother," Emmett said coyly. "You're impossible, you know that?" Abel scolded, but his voice remained gentle

. "Why can't you describe me like your father instead?" "No, my father has a horrible temper!" Emmett objected. "You're much better than him. " "Alright, alright, you win," Abel surrendered. "As long as you finish your food, you can say I remind you of your mother or grandmother or anyone else you fancy…" Emmett almost choked and spluttered at Abel's words. Even Kendra could not help herself from smiling at their exchange. It seemed like Abel was always looking out and caring for Emmett, no matter her gender. However, Evelyn Murphy was absolutely raging with anger. She could not believe that a beautiful woman like her who turned heads wherever she went was losing out to a prepubescent boy like Emmett. How humiliating! She could not understand why Abel was attracted to that pretty boy. Perhaps the rumors about him being gay were true? "Mr. Abel," Evelyn smiled gently as she placed the food container on the table. "Please enjoy the stew while it's warm. " "Mm," Abel nodded. "Just leave it there," he said curtly. "Let me handle it," Kendra offered. She brought the containers into the kitchen and emerged with a small bowl of stew for Abel. "Have you had your dinner, Ms. Murphy?" Kendra asked politely. "If you don't mind, would you like to have dinner with us?" "Of course, I would," Evelyn accepted Kendra's invitation. "Auntie Rosaline did ask me to accompany Abel for dinner, after all…" Kendra snuck a quick glance at Abel who did not seem to have any objections. "Well then, please have a seat, Ms. Murphy!" Kendra said. Evelyn smoothed her skirt and gingerly sat down at the empty seat next to Abel. "Alright, alright, you win," Abel surrendered. "As long as you finish your food, you can say I remind you of your mother or grandmother or anyone else you fancy…"