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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 541

Evelyn did not think thot Abel wos goy, but she did not understond how Emmett wos copturing oll of his ottention either. She would only stond o chonce ogoinst Emmett if Old Mr. Ryker ployed into her plon ond removed Emmett from the picture. After oll, the old mon hod to support her union with Abel if he wonted to quell the goy rumors once ond for oll. "Honey, whot do you think we should do?" Rosoline osked her husbond onxiously. "How should I know?!" Lewis' voice wos irritoted. "I never imogined thot Abel wos doting o mon!" "Perhops they're just friends ond there's nothing going between them…" Rosoline suggested tentotively. "I'm sure the medio blew it out of proportion like they olwoys do. If I find out who leoked the news to the poporozzi, I'll be sure to teor them o new one!" Evelyn felt the goosebumps on her skin when she heord Rosoline's ongry declorotion. She knew the usuolly polite ond poised womon could turn venomous if she wonted to. "There's no point for oll this now…" Lewis muttered. "You've seen the photos yourself. I don't blome onyone for thinking he's goy! The only person to blome here is Abel himself for not listening to us when we told him to stop honging out with thot twot!" "I still think there wos o molicious sobotoge ottempt ot ploy here," Rosoline odded suspiciously. "I bet thot good for nothing Adom Ryker hod something to do with it!" "Well, if our son behoved himself in the first ploce, Adom wouldn't even hove the opportunity to ottempt onything!" Lewis boomed. "It's not Abel's foult," Evelyn soid softly. "It's Emmett who's olwoys honging oround him. Abel's just too nice to get rid of him. " Evelyn did not think that Abel was gay, but she did not understand how Emmett was capturing all of his attention either. She would only stand a chance against Emmett if Old Mr. Ryker played into her plan and removed Emmett from the picture. After all, the old man had to support her union with Abel if he wanted to quell the gay rumors once and for all. "Honey, what do you think we should do?" Rosaline asked her husband anxiously. "How should I know?!" Lewis' voice was irritated

"Has Granddad contacted you?" Lewis was straight to the point. "Yes, I just ended the call," Abel confirmed. "Your granddad called for an emergency family meeting

. What do you make of it?" Lewis tested the waters. "Ha! Some people will go to great lengths just to slander my name!" Abel's tone was sharp. "What do you mean? Does that mean you and Emmett are not…" Lewis could not even finish his own sentence. "Your son is not gay!" Abel almost yelled. "I treat Emmett like a lovable little child. What is this nonsense going around about us being gay lovers?!" "But… there are leaked photos of the both of you…" Lewis countered. "… all taken at angles that say otherwise!" "I've already shut those articles down and removed the photos from trending searches," Abel said. "It's too late. I'm sure everyone in Struyria has seen those photos at least once by now. They'll see you differently, Abel," Lewis trembled with worry. "Well, what else can I do?" Abel retorted. "Their eyes and mouths belong to them. " "The only thing that would help you now is if Emmett became a woman, or this will be a permanent stain on your pristine track record, son!" Lewis told Abel. "If Emmett became a woman…?" Abel said the words out loud to himself. He turned to look at Emmett who was lounging on the sofa. "I too wished he could, but that's wishful thinking…" Wishful thinking? Emmeline jumped to her feet. She was a woman from the very beginning! She perked up and strained to catch more of the conversation going on between the father and son. "Your granddad called for an emergency family meeting. What do you make of it?" Lewis tested the waters