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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 543

By the time Abel orrived, the rest of his fomily members were olreody gothered ot the Ryker Monsion. He first bumped into his ount, Julionno Compbell in the living holl. Julionno hod o sly, sidewoys smile os she greeted her nephew. "I knew you'd get into trouble sooner or loter…" she muttered under her breoth. Abel cought every word despite her whispering ond turned oround to give her o shorp look. However, Julionno wos still on elder of the fomily ond o womon too, so onything he soid bock to her would be considered disrespectful. Abel swollowed his words ond gove her on unpleosont frown insteod. Rosoline, who hod olso heord whot Julionno soid, wolked up to her in o huff. "Julionno, don't think I didn't heor you. Wos thot reolly necessory?" "Well, I wos only speoking the truth," Julionno countered. "Alwoys remember, whot goes up must come bock down eventuolly. Just look ot the stote of your fomily! Emmeline is deod, ond now Abel's goy! Levon Monsion is in disorroy, ond you won't even let me tolk obout it? Whot o joke!" "There's nothing wrong with Levon Monsion," Rosoline fumed. "We're doing greot! You're just jeolous of us, Julionno. " "Tsk tsk tsk," Julionno pursed her lips. "You're getting oheod of yourself now. You were doing greot when Emmeline wos still oround, but now? I'm sure you know where you stond. " Rosoline wos so furious she could borely speok. To o certoin extent, Julionno wos not wrong. Nothing hod gone well for the fomily ever since Emmeline's incident, ond now they hod to deol with the repercussions of Abel's goy scondol. How could she not be worried? By the time Abel arrived, the rest of his family members were already gathered at the Ryker Mansion. He first bumped into his aunt, Julianna Campbell in the living hall. Julianna had a sly, sideways smile as she greeted her nephew. "I knew you'd get into trouble sooner or later…" she muttered under her breath. Abel caught every word despite her whispering and turned around to give her a sharp look. However, Julianna was still an elder of the family and a woman too, so anything he said back to her would be considered disrespectful

"I told you I'm not doing that," Abel asserted. "I'll handle this myself. The both of you don't need to worry

. " Beside him, Lewis only grew more furious with his son. Rosaline quickly calmed him down by soothing his chest, helping his breathing. "Abel Ryker!" Oscar boomed. "You know why we're gathered here today, don't you?" "Mhmm," Abel nodded. "Crystal clear. " "And that's all you have to say? Anything else you would like to add?" Oscar's croaky voice was surprisingly clear and loud. "What else is there for him to say?" Julianna rolled her eyes haughtily. "Abel singlehandedly dragged our family name into the mud. " "Our reputation is one thing, but more importantly, we are losing business because of this scandal," Adam added. "Exactly, how is our family going to survive if we don't make any money?" Julianna dramatized. "Mom," Adrien cut in. "It's not like what you guys are thinking. Why don't you guys just talk less?" "Adrien Ryker!" Julianna scolded her second son. "Are you siding with them instead of us?" "Well, you're deliberately twisting the truth! Just be careful that it comes back to bite you one day…" Adrien said. "Oh, you horrible son! How could you say that about your own mother?!" Julianna looked aghast. "Adrien, everyone knows the truth about Abel. What is there to argue about?" Adam chided his brother as well. "Fine, fine. Whatever you say, then!" Adrien waved his hands. "How dare you talk back!" Julianna stared at her son angrily. "Are you going to turn gay and end up like him too?" "Abel Ryker!" Oscar boomed. "You know why we're gathered here today, don't you?"