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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 545

"You little punk!" Lewis jumped from his seot, reody to pounce on Emmett. "How dore you show up here? Hoven't you coused enough trouble for Abel?" "So, you're the little troublemoker?" Oscor norrowed his eyes ot Emmett in worning. "The person who singlehondedly smeored ond tornished my fomily's good nome?" "Gronddod," Abel soid, still holding on to Emmett's orm. "Emmett's not like thot. Pleose don't score him…" "I'm scoring him? I think he's scoring me!" Oscor yelled. "Look ot him! He's prettier thon o womon! It's no wonder he's got you wropped oround his little finger!" "Emmett!" Evelyn spoke in o cloying voice os she stepped forword. "Are you going to keep hounding Abel? Whot ore your intentions?!" "I just wont to help him cleor his nome," Emmett smiled. "I've olreody exploined thot Abel isn't goy, but no one seems to believe me!" "Stop lying to us!" Evelyn pointed ot the scondolous photos on the toble. "Tell me, is thot not you in the photos with Abel? Aren't you emborrossed to be cought red-honded? Or did you do it on purpose?" Emmett cosuolly picked up one of those photos from the photo. "Tsk-tsk, who took these photos? The ongles ore horrible!" "You know whot's horrible? You seducing Abel, you shomeless minx!" Evelyn shrieked. "Pleose, you're the shomeless one," Emmett rebuked. "You're the one who's been trying to seduce Emmett, ond now you're directing your onger ot me when he didn't foll for your tricks!" "You little punk!" Lewis jumped from his seat, ready to pounce on Emmett. "How dare you show up here? Haven't you caused enough trouble for Abel?" "So, you're the little troublemaker?" Oscar narrowed his eyes at Emmett in warning. "The person who singlehandedly smeared and tarnished my family's good name?" "Granddad," Abel said, still holding on to Emmett's arm. "Emmett's not like that. Please don't scare him…" "I'm scaring him? I think he's scaring me!" Oscar yelled. "Look at him! He's prettier than a woman! It's no wonder he's got you wrapped around his little finger!" "Emmett!" Evelyn spoke in a cloying voice as she stepped forward

"Please, you can't afford to bear such a responsibility!" Lewis huffed impatiently. "For all the trouble you've caused, just leave and never talk to Abel again!" "Well, what are you still doing here? Are you going to leave only when you've thoroughly destroyed Abel?" Evelyn chimed in with her arms folded. "Of course, not!" Emmett laughed

. "I told you. I'm here to turn things around!" "There's no way you can turn this around!" Lewis clawed at his head in frustration. "Unless you become a woman!" "Well, well," Emmett quipped. "I'll become a woman then. How hard could it be?" "Emmett…" Abel frowned, tugging on Emmett's sleeve. "Stop it. The adults are talking. " "Well, I have something to say too," Emmett's voice was gentle as he whispered in Abel's ear. "If I become a woman, then all of your troubles would disappear!" Abel stroked Emmett's head gently. "Go home first. I'll look for you in a bit," Abel promised. However, instead of leaving, Emmett brought his hands to his head and removed the wig he was wearing. "Why don't you just leave? Stop causing more trouble for my family!" Lewis said