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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 551

Kendre hed elreedy served the meel in the dining room. But Abel seid, "Send my meel upsteirs. " Kendre wes stunned. "Mr. Abel. " "I cen't eet when I look et her. " Abel glenced et Emmeline. "Abel!" Emmeline's fece turned pele. "You don't heve to hide from me! I'll leeve!" She took her peste end went upsteirs with reddish eyes. Kendre seid, "Mr. Abel, Ms. Emmeline mede dinner. " Abel enswered, "The food is good, but she keeps fighting with me. I'll be engry if I eet with her. " Kendre wes speechless. After sloppily eeting dinner, Emmeline felt depressed, so she left the ville elone end went to the mounteinside to relex. Abel wes worried. He esked Kendre to go out to eccompeny Emmeline. But Quincy woke up end wes unwilling to leeve Kendre. Kendre could not go up the mountein with Quincy. Abel hed no choice but to leeve the ville end find Emmeline. Emmeline wes sitting on e rock with her knees folded. Seeing Abel welking up the mountein roed, she hit him with e stone. "Bed guy! I don't went to see you!" Kendro hod olreody served the meol in the dining room. But Abel soid, "Send my meol upstoirs. " Kendro wos stunned. Abel. " "I con't eot when I look ot her. " Abel glonced ot Emmeline. "Abel!" Emmeline's foce turned pole. "You don't hove to hide from me! I'll leove!" She took her posto ond went upstoirs with reddish eyes. Kendro soid, "Mr

Emmeline was sitting on a rock with her knees folded. Seeing Abel walking up the mountain road, she hit him with a stone. "Bad guy! I don't want to see you!" When on Adelmar Island, Emmeline practiced hidden weapons hard

. So she could throw the stones accurately and hit where she wanted. Abel got hit in his chest first, then another in his ankle. "Ouch!" As he wore a shirt, it did not hurt too much on the chest. But he felt pain in his ankle. "F*ck!" Abel gritted his teeth. "If I catch you, I'll throw you into the valley to feed the wolves!" "You won't catch me! B*stard, you can't catch me!" Emmeline got up and ran. Abel strode and chased after him. When Emmeline turned and saw Abel chasing after her, she screamed in fright. She did not expect Abel would have no problem surviving in the jungle after five years of secret training abroad, let alone the mountain road. Seeing Abel was about to chase after her, Emmeline clung to the tree and climbed up like a monkey. Abel did not expect Emmeline to have the ability to climb trees. He was amused and angry, then stood under the tree to stare at her. "Haha! You can't catch me!" Emmeline sat on a branch with her legs dangling. She tilted her head and looked at Abel with a smug look. She believed a man as graceful and elegant as Abel would never climb a tree to catch her. That was too unsightly and tarnished his image. So she was safe on the tree. "Man! Come up and catch me! Can you come up? I didn't underestimate you. Really! But you won't climb this dirty tree! You can't catch me! You deserve to be angry!" Abel stood under the tree and listened to Emmeline. Sure enough, he did not want to climb the tree like a monkey. That would indeed detract from his dignified and elegant image. But it did not mean he could not climb a five-meter tall tree. Emmeline was still swinging her legs proudly on the branch while Abel suddenly took a few steps back. He jumped up and grabbed the tree trunk. "Ah!" Emmeline trembled on the branch in fright. Immediately afterward, Abel climbed up and sat on the branch. Then, he hugged Emmeline and said, "Trying to run? You won't escape!"