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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 563

"Yes. " Evelyn smiled stiffly. "No one thought that Emmett was Emmeline. I was surprised too. " "Yes. " Evelyn smiled stiffly. I was surprised too. " "Me too. " Rosaline nodded. "The rumors about Abel are gone. Emmeline and Abel are just joking around. Those reporters were too bad to slander Abel!" "You're right. " Evelyn smiled awkwardly. "Emmeline and I are good friends. I haven't had time to greet her yet. " "You can wait until she's free," Rosaline said, "I hear you're here to deliver an invitation?" "It's an invitation from my sister Lizbeth and Mr. Adrien. " Evelyn smiled softly. "Liz and Mr. Adrien are getting engaged. They asked me to send the invitation. " "It's good news. When is it?" "It's the day after tomorrow. " Evelyn took out the invitation and handed it to Rosaline. "The venue is the banquet hall of the Nimbus Hotel. Welcome to their engagement. " "Of course. " Rosaline smiled. "Congratulations to Ms. Lizbeth. " "Thank you on Liz's behalf. Mr. Abel is back too, isn't he?" Rosaline nodded. "He's upstairs playing with the kids. " "Then I'll go upstairs and greet Mr. Abel," Evelyn said gracefully. "Okay

" Evelyn showed a generous smile. "Is it because Emmeline is back?" "This is our business," Abel answered coldly, "I don't need to explain to you. " "You forgot that Emmeline and I are good friends? I'm also happy that Emmeline is back

. " "I've never seen you and Emma be friends," Abel said without looking at her, "When did you become so familiar with Emma?" "Women easily make friends with each other," Evelyn said. "You just don't know about it. " "You should go downstairs. I'm looking after the children. I don't have time to talk to you. " "But I want to tell you, Liz is engaged to Mr. Adrien the day after tomorrow. I'm here to send an invitation. " "Okay, I got it. " Abel nodded. Adrien and Lizbeth were finally together. It was good news. Evelyn asked, "Can I be your dance partner on the day of the engagement reception?" Abel frowned. "I'm not interested in dancing. " Evelyn smiled kindly. "Okay then, I'll help in the kitchen. I won't bother you. " "Hmm," Abel still responded coldly. Evelyn left gloomily. She liked Abel so much, but Abel treated her indifferently. She was upset. Her appearance should not be worse than Emmeline's. But Abel never had an interest in her. Evelyn came downstairs just in time to overhear Rosaline and Luca talking. "Luca, didn't you say Abel took medicine that lost his feelings for Emmeline? What's going on with them now? I asked Abel, but he refused to answer. " "Madame Ryker," Luca answered, "The medicine of the Adelmar family is powerful. You're right. Abel lost his feelings for Ms. Louise. He's only fulfilling his responsibility. " Evelyn heard the conversation between them on the stairs and hurriedly hid behind the corner. What medicine did Abel take? Did he lose his love for Emmeline? "That was why Emmeline pretended to be Emmett?" Rosaline asked, "She didn't dare face Abel with her real identity, did she?"