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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 564

"That's right," Luca said, "Mr. Adrien even asked Ms. Lizbeth to pretend to be Ms. Louise to test Mr. Abel. But Mr. Abel had no response and felt disgusted. Mr. Abel lost his feelings for Ms. Louise, so we can't force him. " "That's right," Luca said, "Mr. Louise, so we can't force him. " "But when I called them this morning, they got along well. " Luca answered, "Mr. Abel and Ms. Louise quarreled last night until this morning. It happened that you called them and eased the situation. " "I see," Rosaline said worriedly, "Then, what should we do? They're the quadruplets' parents. If their relationship is bad, they'll affect the children. " "We can only take it slowly," Luca replied, "As long as Mr. Abel doesn't fall in love with other women, Ms. Louise still has a chance. " But Mr. Abel won't find a woman as beautiful as Ms. Louise. Luca only thought that in his heart but did not dare to say it. "Well, I hope so. " Rosaline sighed. "At first, I thought Emmeline was gone, and Abel could be with Evelyn. Now, of course, Emmeline is better. Regardless of Emmeline's family background, she is the quadruplet's mother. I don't want my grandsons to have a stepmother in the future. " "Of course," Luca said, "We just wait for Mr. Abel to fall in love with Ms. Louise again. " Hearing that, Evelyn felt her heart beat wildly. Abel lost his feelings for Emmeline! I have a great chance! Evelyn plenned to return to Altney efter Lizbeth end Adrien got engeged. But she chenged her mind now. She must continue to work herd end meke Abel fell in love with her! After ell, no other men in the world could compere with Abel. She did not went to miss such e perfect men

" Emmeline responded politely but felt strange about Evelyn talking to Abel upstairs. It sounded like they were familiar. "I'm here to send an invitation

. " Evelyn smiled slightly. "Lizbeth and Mr. Adrien will be engaged the day after tomorrow. " "It's good news. " Emmeline was delighted when she heard that. "Congratulations to them. " "Are you going to the reception that day?" Evelyn said, "I just told Mr. Abel the news. He asked me to be his dance partner. " Emmeline froze. "Abel wants you to be his dance partner?" "Yes. " Evelyn smiled sweetly. "I was surprised too. I thought Mr. Abel's dance partner should be you, but Mr. Abel said he had no feelings for you, so he asked me instead. " Emmeline took a deep breath. She felt a pain in her heart. Originally, Abel was not interested in dancing. But now, he invited Evelyn to be his dance partner. Abel didn't love me anymore. He didn't even think about me when he wanted a dance partner. "Hmm," Emmeline replied with reddish eyes. Evelyn was secretly pleased when she saw Emmeline's reaction, then continued, "When you were not here, I'd been with Mr. At that time, a kid almost hurt Helios in the playground. I was the one who blocked it in time. Abel was grateful to me and let me stay in his villa. He cared for me well, but I felt embarrassed. So I left the villa. " "Thank you for helping Helios that day," Emmeline said, "Helios is my son. I appreciate you too. " "You're welcome. " Evelyn smiled kindly. "After all, we're good friends. Moreover, Mr. Abel and I will. "