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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 565

"You and Abel?" Emmeline asked. "Will what?" "You and Abel?" Emmeline asked. "Will what?" "Uh. " Evelyn smiled shyly. "You know that. I have a marriage agreement with Abel. Although you gave birth to the quadruplets, it was an accident. And now Mr. Abel said that he has no love for you. So in the future. " "Is that so?" Emmeline's heart twitched. She was distracted and accidentally slashed at her finger. "Ah!" Her finger was bleeding immediately. Evelyn was startled. Daisy hurried over. "Ms. Louise, what happened?" Emmeline clenched her finger. "I accidentally cut my finger. " "Go away!" Daisy was annoyed at Evelyn. "It's all your fault! You kept saying nonsense!" Evelyn did not expect Daisy to dare to scold her and could not even react. "Daisy," Emmeline whispered, "Don't be rude!" "I've heard her speak harshly. " Daisy scowled. "I would have slapped her if we were outside the Levan Mansion!" Evelyn was pissed off. She was about to refute when Rosaline ran over. "Emma, what's wrong? Did you hurt?" Evelyn could only glare at Daisy. She pretended to be virtuous and stopped talking. Emmeline blew her finger, then answered, "It's okay. I only hurt a little. " "Why are you so careless? Look, it's bleeding!" Rosaline hurriedly pulled Emmeline out of the kitchen, then asked Daisy to get the medicine

She was not that obedient, but she felt her finger hurt. Abel applied the hemostatic powder on her, took out a band-aid, and wrapped it carefully for her. "Don't touch the water

. " Abel looked at her. "Be obedient and stay here. Leave the lunch to the chef. " "Okay!" Emmeline pouted. Although she looked resentful, she felt her heart warmed up a lot. Whether Abel had feelings for her, at least he cared about her. She had to work hard to make him fall in love with her again. Evelyn stood aside. Her face turned pale. The enthusiasm and hope that had risen instantly extinguished. After a while, the chef prepared the meal. Everyone sat down to eat. Daisy and Rosaline take care of the quadruplets. Originally Emmeline wanted to take care of the quadruplets, but because of her injury, Rosaline refused her. "I only hurt my left hand," Emmeline said helplessly, "I can use the fork with my right hand. " "No, Mommy," Timothy said, "You can't do that. Your hand is hurt. " "That's right," Helios agreed, "Mommy, you need to eat more. You bled a lot just now. " "And the injured hand should not touch water," Endymion said, "Or it'll be infected. " "Mommy, you must be careful," Hesperus said, "I'll feed you. " "You all eat yourselves. " Abel stopped the quadruplets. "I'll take care of your mommy. "