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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 566

"I can eat by myself," Emmeline refused Abel. "I can eat by myself," Emmeline refused Abel. Abel had already brought the food to her mouth. "Eat a piece of veggie. It's tender. " Emmeline flushed instantly. Why does he do this in front of everyone? Especially with Evelyn here. "Mommy, open your mouth," Timothy said, "It's Daddy's love. " "That's right, Mommy. " Helios giggled. "I'm so envious!" "Daddy always dotes on Mommy," Endymion said, "But we're happy to watch this. " "Yes. " Hesperus nodded. "Daddy and Mommy love each other! We'll be happy forever!" "Eat it. " Abel smiled slightly. "Or you want me to feed you with my mouth?" "No!" Emmeline blushed. She quickly ate the veggie. "Good. " Abel smiled dotingly and immediately picked up a piece of chicken. "One more bite. " Emmeline obediently ate it again. Evelyn watched from the side, and her face darkened. I shouldn't have stayed for lunch. I'm like a fool to watch Abel and Emmeline's affection. Didn't they say that Abel has no feelings for Emmeline? Evelyn suddenly had a guess. Maybe Abel did it on purpose to reject me? After eeting lunch, Evelyn still felt something wes wrong. Just efter Emmeline coexed the quedruplets to nep, she ceme downsteirs. Evelyn went to teke Emmeline's erm. "Emme, ​​how ebout we welk in the gerden?" Emmeline glenced et Evelyn quietly, then smiled

" Evelyn answered, "I want to discuss something with you. " "What can we discuss?" Emmeline was confused. "I think you found the wrong person

. " "Why is there nothing?" Evelyn said, "There is Mr. Abel between us. " "Abel?" Emmeline asked in surprise, "What does Abel have to do with you?" "Did you forget we were engaged?" "That was all in the past. Abel refused it," Emmeline said, "Now, Abel and I, and the quadruplets, are a family. " "But you two are not married yet. " Emmeline froze. They were supposed to get married, but it seemed out of the question now. "Did Mr. Abel never talk about marrying you again?" Emmeline remained silent. "Do you know why Mr. Abel didn't mention marrying you?" "Why?" "Isn't that obvious?" Evelyn raised her eyebrows. "Mr. Abel has taken the medicine and has no feelings for you. I'm the one he likes now. That's why Mr. Abel won't mention marriage to you. Although Mr. Abel fed you during the meal, that was because he was embarrassed. I told him not to be too indifferent to you. After all, you're the mother of quadruplets. He showed his concern for you to make you not too sad. " Emmeline turned pale, and her heart gradually pained. She also felt Abel did not love her anymore. Why did he treat me so well? With Evelyn's explanation, everything made sense. It turned out that Abel was embarrassed!