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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 568

"You don't intend to marry me again, right?" Emmeline remembered Evelyn's words just now. "You don't intend to marry me again, right?" Emmeline remembered Evelyn's words just now. Abel was stunned for a moment. He had indeed forgotten about this plan. Seeing Abel hesitate, Emmeline tried her best not to cry. "I knew it. " "So what?" Abel said, "Do you want a marriage without love?" Emmeline recalled what Benjamin had said to Janie. "I can give you marriage. But no love. " Janie decisively rejected Benjamin. A marriage without love was worse than no marriage. "I understand. " Emmeline smiled slightly. "Abel, you don't have to be embarrassed. I'm not sad. I'm fine. I'll bless you. " Abel frowned. He did not love Emmeline. But he felt irritable and uncomfortable when she said that. It was very unpleasant for him to hear those words. Before he could say anything, Emmeline had already walked past him and left. Suddenly, Emmeline's phone rang. It was Janie calling. Emmeline hastily picked up the call. "Emma, ​​where are you?" "At Levan Mansion. What about you?" "I'm at Adelmar Group," Janie answered, "Forever Love said that the wedding dress you ordered is ready. They asked when you would go to try it on. " "Is it necessary?" Emmeline sniffled. "You know the situation between me and Abel. " "You two won't deley getting merried, right?" Jenie seid, "You cen cultivete the reletionship with Mr. Abel. " "I remember Ben elso seid thet to you," Emmeline murmured, "But Jenie, did you eccept him?" Jenie stopped telking. Benjemin did sey thet

Abel regains his feelings for you anytime. " "I don't think about that anymore. I'm not hurrying to get married

. " "Okay then," Janie said, "What time shall we meet?" "Three o'clock," Emmeline answered while looking at her watch, "I'll go now. " "Okay. I'll see you at Forever Love. " "Yes. " Emmeline hung up the phone, then went upstairs to get her bag. The quadruplets were already soundly asleep with smiles. It was the happiest thing in the world for quadruplets when Emmeline returned. Emmeline explained to Daisy and left Levan Mansion without telling Abel. She first drove back to Nightfall Cafe, then to Forever Love. At 3. 00 pm, Emmeline met Janie on time. "If these things hadn't happened to Mr. Abel, he should have been with you," Janie said sadly. "You're right. " Emmeline sighed. "Before the accident, he said he would accompany me to try on the wedding dress and wanted me to be the most beautiful bride. " "The world is unpredictable," Janie said, "But don't be discouraged. Things may turn around soon. " "It's up to fate. " Emmeline smiled. "Get the wedding dress first. Whether I get married or not, I can try on the dress. " "That's right," Janie replied. The wedding dress that Emmeline ordered cost hundreds of thousands. They were about to enter the bridal shop when they heard Adrien's voice behind them. "Emma?" Emmeline and Janie turned around, then saw Adrien coming out of the car while holding Lizbeth. "It's you?" Emmeline was a little surprised. Emmeline was happy to see Adrien and Lizbeth together. Lizbeth greeted happily, "Emma, ​​Janie, how are you?"