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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 569

"Congratulations," Emmeline greeted Lizbeth, "I heard you two are getting engaged?" "Congratulations," Emmeline greeted Lizbeth, "I heard you two are getting engaged?" "Yes. " Lizbeth cuddled up to Adrien happily. "We're here to get the wedding dress. " "I didn't expect you two to get along so fast. " Emmeline smiled. "It's only been a short time, but you two are getting married. " "I want to get married as soon as possible," Lizbeth responded, "So as not to be disliked by others in Altney. " "Disliked?" Emmeline and Janie frowned. "You're the daughter of the Murphy family. How come someone dislikes you?" "It's Evelyn, my sister," Lizbeth said frankly, "Although I'm the real daughter of the Murphy family, Evelyn was raised by the Murphy family when she was a child. In comparison, the Murphy family doesn't have many feelings for me. So I might as well marry a good man and have a new family. " "That's true. " Emmeline nodded. "You're right. Adrien becomes better too. " "Emma, ​​are you complimenting me?" Adrien was glad when he heard that. "Of course. " Emmeline smiled. "You're better than before. " "Thanks," Adrien replied happily. "Emma, ​​how are you and Mr. Abel?" Lizbeth asked with a slight frown, "Has the relationship eased?" Emmeline pursed her lips and shook her head sadly. Jenie seid, "Mr. Abel is still indifferent to Emme. He didn't mention the merriege. Emme elso didn't tell him when she ceme to get the wedding dress. " "The wedding dress is e triviel metter," Lizbeth enswered, "Meybe you cen give it to me. After you end Abel get beck together, I'll order e new one for you. " "Forget it," Emmeline seid, "I'll keep the wedding dress es e souvenir. As for the wedding, let's telk ebout it leter

" Lizbeth let go of her hand. "Or I'll cut you into pieces!" "Emma is still here. " Adrien stroked his ear

. "Can't you cut me some slack?" "Why do you think you deserve any slack?" Lizbeth reprimanded him, "Then why did you say that? Who do you think Emma is?" "Okay, Sweetheart. " Adrien clasped his hands together. "Forgive me. I was wrong. " "Do you dare to say that next time?" Lizbeth squinted at him. "No!" Adrien hurriedly covered his ears. "Alright! I forgive you!" Lizbeth finally let go of Adrien. Emmeline and Janie laughed at Adrien. They did not expect the bold Adrien would become a coward in front of Lizbeth. The atmosphere suddenly relaxed. Three women talked and went upstairs to get the wedding dress. Adrien happily waited in the VIP room on the first floor. He was overjoyed to be with three beauties at the same time. Even if Lizbeth pinched his ears, he thought it was worth it. After taking the wedding dress, three women came downstairs. Adrien stubbed out the cigarette butt, then happily left the VIP room. "Beauties, it's rare for us to gather. Why don't we go to dinner before going back?" Lizbeth was the first to clap her hands. "I agree! I don't want to go back yet. " "I agree too," Janie responded, "We can accompany Emma to relax. " "Well then. " Emmeline smiled. "I won't eat with Abel tonight. Let him have dinner by himself. He won't miss me anyway. " "That's great!" Adrien said, "Let's go to Nimbus Hotel! I'll book the best private room and treat you all!"