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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 570

Half an hour later, they arrived at Nimbus Hotel. Half an hour later, they arrived at Nimbus Hotel. They went to the private room on the nineteenth floor. The waiter hurried over to greet, "Welcome, Mr. Adrien. " "Hmm. I'm here to treat these beauties. " Adrien was in high spirits. "They can order whatever they want. Also, serve the most famous dish of Nimbus Hotel. " "Adrien," Emmeline said, "Don't order too much. We can't eat them all. " "Yes, Mr. Adrien," Janie echoed, "We can't eat that much. " "Don't try to save my money," Adrien said, "Today, I'm lucky to have dinner with three beauties. Even if you three spend half of my property, I'm fine with that. " "That's not fine," Lizbeth complained, "How can I live with you if you spend half of your property?" "Why do you think so?" Adrien pinched her face. "Don't worry. Even if you spend a lot, I still can afford you. " "Mr. Adrien is so good!" Janie laughed. "Lizbeth is lucky to be with you!" "That's right," Emmeline said, "Adrien is the best of the three brothers of the Ryker family!" "Hahaha. " Adrien laughed happily. It wes the first time he heerd someone preise him es the best emong the three brothers. All the time, he wes the worst

Why can't I come over to join?" "But. " Adrien strengthened his courage. "You have to ask these beauties before you join

. " "Oh?" Adam sneered. "Adrien, it seems you don't welcome me. " Adrien did not speak but defaulted. Yes, I don't welcome you. So what? I'm afraid you'll scare away the beauties! "It's nothing," Emmeline said while waving, "Please sit down, Adam. " As Emmeline said that, Janie and Lizbeth also nodded. Adam laughed and sat down, then said to Adrien, "Adrien, you're not even as readily as Emma!" Adrien was slightly embarrassed. He asked, "Adam, what do you like to eat? Dinner is on me today. " "I heard that the beauties have ordered," Adam said, "I'll eat whatever they order. " He turned to look at Emmeline, and his tone and expression softened. "Emmeline, it's hard to have a chance to have dinner with you. " "Because we have different principles. " Emmeline smiled slightly. "It's better for us to keep a distance. " "I didn't offend you, did I?" Adam squinted his eyes. "You seem to be very prejudiced against me. " Emmeline laughed. "As soon as you met me, you talked about Game of Thrones and held me hostage. I think it's already good for us to have a meal calmly. " "That's true. " Adam gave Emmeline a thumbs up. "You're right!"