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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 571

"It's good if you stop talking about Game of Thrones. " Emmeline smiled. "I haven't had time to see it yet. " "It's good if you stop talking about Game of Thrones. " Emmeline smiled. "I haven't had time to see it yet. " "Hahaha. " Adam laughed. "You reminded me. I already forgot about it. " "It's best to forget it," Emmeline said, "If you mention it again, I won't be able to stay with you. " "I'll listen to you. " Adam narrowed his eyes. "I won't say anything. I'll only have dinner with you. " Not long after, the waiter served the food. Adrien and Adam picked up the food and wanted to put them on Emmeline's plate. Adam glared at Adrien while Lizbeth also stared at Adrien's fork. So Adrien gave the food to Lizbeth. Adam smiled, then gave the food to Emmeline. Emmeline did not refuse. She thanked Adam, picked it up, and ate it. Adam was happy and hurriedly said, "Emma, which one would you like to eat? I'll pick it for you. " "I'm fine with anything," Emmeline answered, "I'm not a picky eater. " "That's great," Adam said, "It's a pity that Abel doesn't know to cherish you. " Cough! Emmeline choked upon hearing that. "Be careful. " Adam hastily gave her a glass of water. "Drink it. " Emmeline took a big sip of water under the gazes of Adrien, Janie, and Lizbeth. Adam became happier as Emmeline did not refuse him. He was a little flattered. Adrien turned cold. Emmeline seid he wes the best emong the three brothers of the Ryker femily. But now she wes close to Adem. In fect, Emmeline only felt no need to fight Adem during dinner. Adem elso served Emmeline soup. "This is Nimbus Hotel's specielty chicken soup

"It's good. " Adrien, Janie, and Lizbeth all stared blankly. They wondered why Adam was different in front of Emmeline

. He did not show gloom, coldness, and cruelty but fawned over Emmeline instead. After a while, Emmeline was full. It happened that Janie was going to the restroom, and Emmeline followed. As soon as they left, two mobile phones on the table rang. One was for Adam. He got up and answered the call outside. The other one was for Emmeline. Adrien glanced and saw that the call was from Abel. He swiped the screen to reject the call, then used his phone to text Abel back. "Nimbus Hotel 19th Floor, Golden Tier No. 11. " There was no response from Abel. Adrien smiled slightly. He knew Abel well. If he did not receive a reply from Abel, it meant that Abel had started to act. Adrien was right. Abel was at The Precipice at this time. Kendra had dinner ready. Abel waited for Emmeline, but she did not come back. Moreover, after coming out of the garden, Abel never saw Emmeline again. He thought she went to Nightfall Cafe, so he did not ask her whereabouts. After working in the Ryker Group and returning to The Precipice, he found Emmeline had not returned yet. Abel could not sit still anymore. After waiting for Kendra's dinner to be ready, he still did not get any news from Emmeline. Abel lost his patience. He did not think he missed Emmeline but was only worried about her. What if she accidentally met the bad guys? Abel took out his phone and called her. Unexpectedly, Emmeline rejected the call. He received a message from Adrien instead. Immediately afterward, Abel went upstairs to put on a suit jacket. Then, he took the car keys and went straight to the Nimbus Hotel. Luca chased out of the villa but failed to catch up. He worried something was wrong. So he drove the bodyguard car and followed Abel