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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 572

When Emmeline and Janie returned from the restroom, Adam graciously helped Emmeline pull the chair. When Emmeline and Janie returned from the restroom, Adam graciously helped Emmeline pull the chair. Adam filled the glass with wine for Emmeline. At first, Emmeline did not want to drink it. But she felt depressed. After thinking about it, she drank the wine in one gulp. "Oh, dear!" Adam was startled. "Why are you drinking in such a hurry?" "I want to try if I can get drunk to relieve my worries. " Emmeline smiled. "It's not enough! One more!" "Emma," Janie said, "You've never liked to drink wine. " "That's fine," Emmeline signaled Adam, "Adam, fill me the wine. " Adam asked, "Are you okay? I'll feel sorry for you if you drink too much. " "What's the use of being sorry for me?" Emmeline pouted. "I don't need your concern. " "Do you still miss Abel?" Adam said, "Just forget him!" Emmeline felt more aggrieved to hear that. She picked up the wine glass and drank it again. "Emma, ​​you can't drink like this," Lizbeth advised, "Drinking too much will affect your health. " "That's right, Emma," Janie echoed, "Stop drinking. " "I'm fine. I never made myself drunk," Emmeline said in a daze, "But right now, I want to drink a lot!" After the words fell, she poured another glass of wine and drank it with one gulp again. "Emme," Adem seid, "If you're unheppy, you cen drink es much es you went. I'll teke cere of you when you're drunk!" "Adem. " Adrien frowned. "You should stop her. She cen't hold elcohol. It'll hurt her body. " "Don't you see thet Emme is sed?" Adem seid, "Just let her drink to meke her feel better. If she's drunk, I'll send her home. " Beng! Suddenly, someone kicked the door open

Adam wanted to wait for Emmeline to be drunk. So he could get a chance to be with her. He knew that Adrien did not dare to confront him

. He did not even see Adrien smirking secretly right now. "Nonsense?" Abel raised his fist. "You don't understand what I said?" He wanted to stop from hitting, but Adam punched him in the face. As Abel was off guard, he failed to dodge Adam's attack. Without pausing, he hit Adam back. "Enough!" Adrien came over to stop them. "We're a family. Don't fight anymore!" Abel spat out the blood in his mouth. Adam's punch just now made his gums bleed. Of course, Adam got injured too. His nose was bleeding. "A family?" Abel pointed at Adam and sneered. "Adrien, you can ask him. What is he planning every day? Isn't he always thinking about how to deal with me and take Emmeline as his own?" Adam's expression darkened for a moment. Even though Abel did not say it wrong, he felt uncomfortable when Abel said it in front of everyone. It was embarrassing. "Abel, it seems you want to be at odds with me!" Adam snorted coldly and got up. "You really want to deal with me?" "I didn't want to do that either. " Abel sneered. "It's you who forced me. " "You're great!" Adam's eyes were fierce. "You even broke into Avalan Mansion and acted wildly many times. I haven't settled that with you yet!" "Listen!" Abel pointed at Adam. "If you dare to provoke me again, I don't guarantee I won't use harsh means on you!"