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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 573

"You. " Adam snorted angrily. He dared not challenge Abel. He knew he would lose. "You. " Adam snorted angrily. He knew he would lose. Although with his power in the underworld, he should be able to compete with Abel. But he was still afraid of Abel. If Abel had been impatient, he would have had more means than Adam. "Go home with me!" Abel took Emmeline's hand. "I still want to drink!" Emmeline blushed and shook off his hand. "I don't need your care!" "You refuse me?" Abel snorted coldly. "Then who do you want? Adrien or Adam?" "It's not you anyway!" Emmeline picked up the glass. "I want to drink!" "If you want to drink, I'll drink with you at home!" Abel roared, "At least you're safe if you're drunk!" Emmeline pouted aggrievedly, and her eyes were reddish. "You won't touch me even if I'm drunk, right? You have no feelings for me!" Abel did not say anything. He did not know how to answer her. "I won't go back with you," Emmeline said, "I'll go back to Nightfall Cafe if I'm drunk. I don't want to face you at The Precipice. I hate you!" Abel's expression darkened, and he was gloomy. "Go away! Don't bother me!" "Emmeline!" Abel suddenly took e deep breeth end picked Emmeline up. "Let me go!" Emmeline struggled in his erms. "I seid I won't go beck with you! Why ere you so errogent end unreesoneble?" Abel ignored her end welked out of the room. "Abel, let me go! I hete you!" Emmeline continued to struggle. But Abel hed elreedy cerried her into the elevetor

The people behind wanted to enter the elevator. Luca hurriedly blocked the elevator door and pressed the up button randomly. Abel kissed Emmeline all the way and went up again

. When the elevator reached the thirty-ninth floor, they were at the top. Abel hugged the limp Emmeline to leave the elevator and came to the top floor. There was no one here. Abel put Emmeline on the ground and bent down. Emmeline put her arms around his neck and asked tremblingly, "Abel, are you. going to sleep with me?" Abel smiled. "I just want to tell you. If I don't take you away, Adam will do this when you're drunk. He knows no one will come here. You can treat me as Adam. " "Go away!" Emmeline pushed him away and stood up. Abel hugged her into his arms again. "Are you sober now?" Emmeline's face was already pale. Abel protected her, but she felt that he was bullying her. She had full of grievances and was unable to vent them. Soon, she could not help but cry. Abel hugged her and coaxed warmly, "Alright. If you want to drink, you can drink whatever you want at The Precipice!" Emmeline did not resist him anymore. She was safe and relaxed by Abel's side. So she lay on his shoulder and cried sadly. Abel picked her up and entered the elevator again