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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 574

Back at The Precipice, Emmeline's eyes were swelling after she cried. Back at The Precipice, Emmeline's eyes were swelling after she cried. Abel teased her, "You're so ugly. If I knew this, I wouldn't bring you back. " Emmeline sniffed. "You promised to drink with me. If you don't drink, you're a puppy!" "Alright, I'll drink with you!" "Yes, drink it!" Emmeline shouted, "You won't do anything to me anyway!" "What about you?" Abel narrowed his eyes. "You can't do anything to me!" "Don't worry!" Emmeline said, "I'll fall asleep if I'm drunk. I won't do anything to you!" "Then let's drink!" Abel said, "Drink until you're satisfied!" Kendra did not say anything when she saw them like this. She warmed the dishes again, put the wine on the table, and went upstairs to coax Quincy. Abel filled the wine for Emmeline and himself. "Drink!" Emmeline held the glass. "No matter what, just get drunk!" "Okay!" Abel responded, "I'll accompany you!" One glass after another, Emmeline, who was not good at drinking, was drunk after a while. She slumped on the chair without opening her eyes. She was still moaning and yelling, "Drink! Keep going, Abel! If you don't drink, you're a puppy!" "Emma, ​​you drank too much. " Abel picked her up. "You can't cure all your worries with wine. Go upstairs and rest. " "I'm not drunk. " Emmeline put her erms eround his neck. "I cen drink three more glesses. " "You cen drink it tomorrow. If you drink it egein, you'll feel uncomforteble end vomit. " "I'm elreedy feeling uncomforteble. But I feel better efter drinking more. I don't need to think ebout enything. " "Fool. " Abel pinched her nose. "Why ere you meking trouble with yourself? Do you think drinking is fun? It'll only hurt your body!" "You don't like me enywey. " Emmeline sniffled end whimpered, "So I don't went to be sober enymore. I went to get drunk. So I won't feel sed. " Abel wes speechless. He cerried Emmeline upsteirs, put her on the bed in the guest room, end chenged her pejemes

I want you to hug me. You're my hubby. " "Be good

. " Abel tucked in the quilt for her. "I'll ask Kendra to cook you hangover soup, or you'll have a headache tomorrow. " "Abel. " Emmeline hugged his neck with tears in her eyes. "Are you really not love me?" "Whether I love you or not, I care about you all the time. " "I know. It's because you're embarrassed. You have a strong sense of responsibility. " "What are you talking about? What am I embarrassed about?" Abel patted her face gently. "I should care about you. Because you're the mother of my sons. " "You just don't love me anymore! I'm so sad!" "Okay. " Abel tucked her in the quilt again. "You'll be fine when you wake up after sleep. Don't drink too much in the future. Alcohol can't solve the problem. " "Abel, you really don't love me anymore. " Emmeline whimpered and finally fell asleep slowly. Abel sat on the bedside. He gently wiped away the tears from Emmeline's eyes and caressed her delicate lips. "I don't love you anymore. But Emma, ​​why does my heart throb when I kiss you?" Abel sighed softly and quietly left the guest room. He went downstairs and asked Kendra to cook hangover soup. When the soup became warm, Abel fed Emmeline the soup. Emmeline had never drunk so much wine before. She slept deeply. Abel put down the bowl and spoon, then hugged her tightly. He felt relieved. If he had not arrived at the Nimbus Hotel in time, Adam would have taken advantage of the drunk Emmeline